What Gets A Buddhist Monk Expelled, Buddhism Thailand

Often, in Thailand we read about the shenanigans monks get up to. Women, drink, drugs and ownership of things not allowed in the Vinaya. The Vinaya  is the Monks Rules an the law that governs monks conduct and  punishments. In Thailand the Government often usurps responsibility for maintaining conduct of the Bhikkhu Sangha from the Bhikkhu, making up their own rules as far as Buddhism is concerned. Bhikkhus carrying money is common in ThaiLnd, but an ignored offense in Thailand. All in all simply by reading the daily papers in Thailand it is easy to see that the state of Buddhism in Thailand is dire. My opinion is that many of the problems are a result of the Thai Government’s management of Th Bhikkhu Sangha and goings on of Buddhism in the country.
To read the Vinaya can be quite confusing especially to a layman….

The Training Rules

As the bhikkhu’s life generally gives many occasions for contact with lay-people (except for the bhikkhu engaged in meditation practice), and as erring bhikkhus were not absent from the Sangha even in the days of Lord Buddha, so there is quite a large body of legislation relating to just these occasions. Because of the wrong conduct of various bhikkhus, Lord Buddha had cause to lay down large numbers of training rules which if infringed would become offenses for the guilty bhikkhu. It sometimes happened that a rule had to be modified, and sometimes various allowances proved necessary to qualify the range of the original rule. In this way many of the training rules were tested in the light of experience until they became perfectly practical.

All these rules fall into seven classes according to the seriousness of the offense involved when they are broken. Briefly, these seven classes with some of their characteristics are as follows:

Defeat (parajika). The first four training rules of the Patimokkha, if broken, become offenses by which a bhikkhu is defeated, no longer able to live in communion with other bhikkhus, never able in the present life to be ordained bhikkhu again; and being no longer “a son of the Sakya” (or the Buddha), he should disrobe immediately. These four offenses are:
sexual intercourse of any description;
taking what is not given with intention to steal;
depriving purposely a human being of life in any way;
falsely claiming superhuman states of attainment.


These are the things that get a Bhikkhu expelled, next we will look at the other offenses. The Buddhist Monk’s Discipline  Some Points Explained for Laypeople is the source and a good place to get correct info

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