Wat Inprathan Pon,Tambon Phu Po Bhuddha Sathan,Phu Po, Kalasin,Thailand

phupoThe Name of the Monastery is Wat Inprathan Pon. The name of the staues are Bhuddha Sathan, The Thai mispronunciation is  Phutta Sathan. Phutta or Puta is a Mexican word meaning bitch, while the guys name was Gotama and Buddha means the Enlightened One. The name of the mountain is Po and Phu is Thai for mountain. Just as in Sahatsakhan also in Kalasin each part has a name, And as proven in Sahatsakhan not all reclining Buddha images lie on their right side. It is a bout a 100 meter climb to the top along a concrete stairway, so get there early in the morning unless yu want to sweat away about one kilo. The information right and wrong has been copy/pasted across the internet to include the good copy/paste folks at Tourism Authority of Thailand.

On site it says there are 426 strps, you can count them if you wish.
Both images where supposedly carved during the Dvaravati period and I would guess the gold painting is Thai Buddhist in origine.

The lower image is a few meters up the walk and the larger at the top. In typical Thai style there are plenty of places to read or get your fortune told and drop off a plastice bucket…

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