Wat Don Ya Nang, วัดดอนยานาง, Kalasin, Thailand, Buddhism and Culture

Wat Don Ya Nang, Yang Talaat, Kalasin Is yet another temple surveyed by th “Culture and Art Center” at Khon Kaen University. It is located just off the road that links Yang Talaat with Kalasin Town. It can be found on my kalasin Map
As you can see great care and respect are practiced inside the sim. Actually , at least I did not see any pornography being stored. Some of the pieces outside seemed quite old, while others, including the usual “monk with cheroot” were recent.
Once again a site that should be clearly mapped, well signed, well advertised, well maintained and proudly displayed elsewhere in the world is maintained and protected as you can see in the album. Also the Ya Nang tree is of interest as the leaves of the tree a used to make a tea that cures gout, a condition affecting more and more Thais…

Unfortunately, like so many plants and herbs it is getting harder and harder to find, and expensive strore bought cures preferred.
This site should be preserved for its Cultural significance no used as a warehouse.

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