Wat Chitta Phawadi Khiri Banphot, Bueng Kan, Thailand (Phu Sing)

The Phu Sing mountain is one of the most  unbelievable series of rock outcroppings that I have ever seen in the region. The steepest road climbs I have encountered anywhere in the area, luckily on a well paved road.
The sala is just outside the gate and the best time to get there is about 0800 when the Sangha is taking their meal The monks are most helpful and will probably give you permission to open the gate and head up. If you are nervous around big dogs beware there are a few residing just outside the sala but the were well behaved. I did not ask if the 2 older people there were supporters or caretakers, but everyone was quite friendly The Mae Chee has some English, but the monks are very knowledgeable about the area. After nearly 20 years exploring Isaan, Northeast Thailand I am still constantly amazed by the diversity and number…

of sites to see. If the album does not appear below Click Here. Sadly the photos do not do justice to the reality

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