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Screenshot_2015-08-19-04-40-45If you plan on visiting Washington DC check out the applications that are available. Many of them are done by government organizations like the National Park Service application for the area around the National Mall. Moving around the district check out the Metro system application that provides information about both buses and Metro train. The Smithsonian app for the National Zoo is quite useful even though it didn’t seem that the GPS work quite well enough when I was there. And for Arlington National Cemetery there’s a wonderful app that’ll help you find a particular grave or point you in the right direction to visit many points of interest in the cemetery.

The Mall App offers a number of options, but if you are in the area go to map and click on a pin in an area you are interested in. The name of the ste will pop up and you can read about and also find a link to the sites wen page.
And don’t forget many if not most of the attractions are FREE

Another asset for your travels around areas of DC is the Circulator Bus, follow the link for more information. I have found it quite good on the really hot and humid days around the Mall. As a matter of fact a loop around the Mall is a great way to get your bearing

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