The Thai Government Can’t Solve Shit

Never-mind floods, drought, education or health care the government quite literally can’t solve shit or how to shit for that matter. Why toilets just can’t be a matter of personal choice is beyond me. That should be a New Party Slogan for the Democrats Sit to shit it’s up to you,  According to the ministry, 86% of households still use squat toilets.How do they know that? Another Survey bought and paid for. Actually I have seen more technical expertise practiced in this debate than things like education or healthcare. so although they cannot solve shit they know a lot about shit.
The ministry says the use of squat toilets contributes to degenerative joint disease and where is the data to support that shit.
She said she usually squatted on seated toilets. well there you go. Do not sit on toilet seats that have footprints. “In terms of cleaning, I prefer the squat loo, but as a user, a seated toilet is much more comfortable.” The truth is employers know their workers will be sleeping on the damn things!

So what is your position on the matter? Sit to shit or squat?

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