The story of Khon Kaen,Thailand Part 3, Murals at Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon

In Part 1 we saw the earliest settling of the region and in Part 2 looked at the years 2330BE to 2411BE. While the Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon is an interesting place to visit it has little historical or religious value, but for holding on it’s walls the story of Khon Kaen andd other mural sets it is of mush more interest. There is a book for sale at the Mahathat Souvenir kiosk in the building. Most people prefer to buy amulets and other knick naks available. The building has “tell your Fortune” machines and collection boxes all over the place, and there is every oppurtunity to scam you out of your money. Keep your hands out of your pockets and look at the Murals where you can learn the history, customs and culture of the area….

11. when Thao Uu, son of Nang Noy who was the fifth daughter (I think they mean son) of phia Muanphaen appointed a prince, he formed named an army “Rachabut” at Ban Donbom. In 2481 BE when Laos s invaded by “Haw” troop (Chinese minority), the armies of main cities in I-San were ordered to drive away of the invader. These cities included Roy-et, Mahasarakham, Cholabot, Khon Kaen and Nakhornrachasrima. Khon Kaen Army led by Thao Uu had shown its powerful strength in this battle, therefore, the king appointed Thao Uu Phrayanakhornsriborirak, the governor of Muang Khon Kaen from 26th August, 2420BE. At the same time, he upgraded Ban Donbom to be the other part of Muang Khon Kaen that had the other governor.





12.In 2440 BE Phranakhonsriborirak (Thao Uu) presented the white elephant, receiving from Thao Noo who was his wife’s relative in Kalasin Province, to the King as Thao Lah’s intention. On this occasion, The king bestowed upon Thao Uu a title of Phrayanakhonsriborirakborommarachaphakdeesrisuphasun-thorn, the governor of Muang Khan Kaen.





13. In 2434 BE Phrachaonongathoekrommauang Prachaksilapakhom (the King’s brother) had Muang Khon Kaen move to Ban Thum the as the telegram wiring was directed to Ban thum before in 2424BE., Muang KhonKaen 1 (Muang Kao) moved to Ban Thum before in 2424 BE, then Khon Kaen 2 (Ban Donbom) moved in 2434 BE since that time Muang Khon Kaen has been together as one again.


14. In 2442 BE there was drought in Ban Thum, consequently, Phrayanakhonsriborirak moved the city back to Muang Kao. The residential building and the city hall were constructed in the north area of Bueng Kaennakhon (Office of Public Relations Region 1 at present). In 2445 BE, the central government announced that all dependent towns became Amphur or districts
(The districts established before Muang Khon Kaen were Chonlabot, Manchakiri, and Phu Wiang. Phrayanakhonsriborink resigned in 2447 BE, when he was 72 years old, but he still acted as consultant. In 2447 BE, the regional governance was initiated: Muang Khon Kaen, Muang Chonabot and Muang Phu Wang was Phach Region. And the governors of this region were Phra Phithaksarakham or Thao Noo (2447 BE 2449 BE), and KhunPhadungkwaenprachan or Chuang wirophet (2450 BE).


15.In 2450 BE, Luangwisaisitthikam (Chin Piyarat) moved to be uang Khon Kaen Governor, and he observed that the old city hall was always flooded. As a result, he moved the city to resettle at Ban Phralap, which is currently Banglamphu Market, opposite Muang Khon Kaen Policestation. He was the governor until 2455 B.E. (Pictures 1-16 illustrates the era of settlement so there were five times of resettlement.

Although I find the English confusing at times this series brings us to the somewhat recent history and layout of the town.


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