The Ministry of Education in Thailand Still uses Out of Date Equipment to Their Advantage

Thai academic research ‘below international standards’ says study and why is that surprising?It certainly should not be . A few years ago I was researching  Temples with Ubosots that had murals inside and outside. I then discovered the work of a much loved and respected Thai Academic/Researcher. I took his research document with me to a few sites and much of the writing simply did not match what was there. When I wrote up my findings and began inquiring at local Universities I was told I did not know what I was talking about.

When I showed geotagged photos and his descriptions I was to more or less just to go away. First of all not a one of them understood geotag or what or how it has done. Then someone was good enough to explain to me that no one in Acadamia in Thailand will criticize a colleague, as that will open they themselves  up to criticism. No one would be rude enough to bring poor work up to question. Once again face trumps truth. And yet again in Thailand no one is ever accountable for their action or inaction,

And after article after article about the plans for improving English in Thailand we see  the Largest study of global English proficiency among Adults we see that the students in Thailand have a command of English only better than those in Libya.

How long can this incompetency be allowed. The outright lies about the computer pads and students goes on. Thai secondary school graduates are not even generally literate in their own language. The lack of concern reflects a lack of accountability in the education system. No one cares if the research is correct any more than they care if the student is illiterate.
They are just setting up for future failure and no one really cares
Ob by the way pictured above might or might not be the real deal, but it certainly would be of much use to the Thai Government.
Tobacco Smoke Enemas (1750s – 1810s)The tobacco enema was used to infuse tobacco smoke into a patient’s rectum for various medical purposes, primarily the resuscitation of drowning victims. A rectal tube inserted into the anus was connected to a fumigator and bellows that forced the smoke towards the rectum.The warmth of the smoke was thought to promote respiration. Doubts about the credibility of tobacco enemas led to the popular phrase “blowing smoke up your ass.”

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  2. Sox it to them hard, Khun Tom.

  3. A so called teachers’ organization is now proposing a reenineering focussing at separating OBEC.It proposing that OBEC is divided in to Primary Education and Secondary Eduction.Each must have its own sole responsible organization. Each must be completely independent.
    This is a turning tide to the old paradigm of educational administration.

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