Thailand Roads It’s A Jungle Out There, Isaan

On Northeast Thai Roads During the Rainy Season

Thai roads are dangerous places to be at the best of times. Many are not well designed, especially as far as drainage and modern layout is concerned. Most are not crowned and banked curves are often…Continue reading

Songkran 2012 Thailand 18 dangerous days this year

People will be on the road from Thursday evening 5 April till Monday morning 23 April this year.Chakri Day a Public Holiday falls on Friday the 6th of April. Songkran April 13-15 (Friday-Sunday and …Continue reading

Driving in the Phu Phan Mountains from Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin,Thailand

The roads in Northeast Thailand are dangerous night and day, but driving through the Phu Phan Mountains in Isaan presents even more dangers, you might say one around every corner. Blind left hand…Continue reading

Songkran Death Toll After Three Days

Songkran Roadway Deaths On The Rise Three days into the Seven Dangerous Days of Songkran and 116 lives have been lost on Thailand’s roadways. The first two days of Songkran there were 29 and 30…Continue reading

Drivers Education,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

This 7 kilometer stretch of road into Sakon Nakhon is a dual carriage way with plenty of dangerous  U-turn spots and feeder roads with merges and exits. Thais tend to drive too fast for conditions,…Continue reading

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