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Google and the Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand, VuPoint, Magic Wand, Scanner

magic wandI got the scanner back in the States, another Amazon deal. Trying to get away from windows I could use my scanner/printer using the Android wireless application. But I wanted an “on the road” solution and this device does the trick. If I team the scanner up with Google Goggles I can get things into a text file for blog posts.

Vietnamese Food at Pho 97, Bun Bo Hue,Pinellas Park, Florida

bunbohueBack to Pho 97, in the mood for another vietnames meal that was not available in Thailand, Bun Bo Hue. Luckily I got there about 1000h as the place was filling quickly. I forgot that it opens at 0800. Bun Bo Hue is a soup particular to the city of Hue and I hadn’t been anywhere to get it in the past 20 some years and was really, really looking to it. I was not let down as this was another mighty fine meal at a mighty fine Pho Shop. My 30 second video was done on twitter and I included Mark Wiens YouTube Video “Bun Bo Hue – A Vietnamese Food You Must Eat”….


Buddhism, Meditation on Patience to Transform Our Minds

dalailamaI was browsing YouTube looking for a reflection on patience when I happened upon this talk by Venerable Thubten Chonyi a bhikkshuni, woman monastic in a branch other than the Theravadan Forest tradition that I am familiar.
Regardless of denomination Buddhism, no matter the denomination sets the teaching of the Buddha, no more no less.

It is all offered for anyone to reflect on and @IMHO the talk below is a wholesome offering well worth listening to and reflecting on


Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure, Google Maps

gmapsGiven my druthers I would completely eliminate Windows from my life and the big bug a boo in that whole process has been Google maps.
I keep watching out of date videos on YouTube, and have learned to check the date since applications are generally defunct, or have undergone major changes after a few months.
So far I have been unable to figure out how to delete layers in Android, but they can be added and edited.
The main use og My Maps for now is to create a map that folks can see to get an ide of the places I have visied.

But at the end of the day there is a lot of stuff to sort out  before seeing Google Maps of much use in Thailand.


Illuminated Boat a Dying Isaan Craft and Tradition found in Nakhon Phanom, Northeast Thailand

Returning to Sakon Nakhon from That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom Province I was taking the back roads looking for the dams that make up the Khan River Irrigation Project. The weather held out and Google Maps did not get me too far off the correct path. Google maps roads are better than 70% accurate up here in Isaan, which is a far site better than any Thai map or road atlas available. The one thing Google Maps does not do is distinguish between dirt and hard surface roads. Actually as long as it is not the rainy season dirt roads are sometimes better as their potholes are not as hard. Anyhow, suddenly I thought Daeng was going to fly out of her seat pointing and hollering at something going on in a field off to the left. So I figured either she needed the toilet, there was food, or there might actually be something of interest and low and behold a site I have only seen once before in 18 years, the making of an Illuminated Boat old style. I don’t know who was more excited. We hope to get back for it on the 19th…..


Isaan Dashcam in Northeast Thailand

I had read a few articles about dashcams about their use mostly in the West. People are using the to record their driving and the video as evidence in the event of an accident. That of course would be of no use in Thailand as Thais believe you can change the content of a video. I learned this some time back when I had recorded a video of a ceremony for a Provincial Governor. When he saw and commented on some mistakes a District Officer made, as far as protocol was concerned, the officer replied that that was not how it happened and I must have recorded it incorrectly. So so much for video for legal purposes in Isaan. I have recorded a number of trips both live visa twitcasting and also by way of phonecam video. which I have uploaded to YouTube that people seem to have enjoyed.

From Toms Desk 5 April 2013

I have been using WP SEO Supercharger and am generally satisfied with it. What it does is to create draft  posts made up of past posts relative to Google searches, such as the one shown here. We’ve created a post http://xxxxxxxxxxx for search query living in khon kaen thailand Your page ranked #1 on Google for this search query. I have deleted the link to the draft as it is not pertinent  I can then go to the draft and either post as is, which I rarely do, or edit and schedule or post, or I can just delete it. I would say I probably delete about 50% of them as searches can be quite similar and I see no need to over repost posts. Another tool I have been using lately is Storify. I can use it to merge past posts of mine into a single post or  I can search a topic and put it together in one post. Have a look…


Songkran Reality

The false reality of Songkran according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand The Tourism Authority of Thailand has posted a grainy video production promoting Thai New Year – Songkran.  They show the traditional way it is supposed to be celebrated and show glimpses of reality.

Read the original:
Songkran Reality