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From Tom’s Desk 3 From Florida. WTF is going on in Thailand

bootsObviously conflict resolution is not taught in Thai Universities. What has anyone done lately for the people of Thailand. If I had a Dollar for every time I heard the lines “We love the King, We are all like children of the King, The King Is Our Father I would be a rich man. But is any of it true? I doubt it because if they did love the King they would not act like they are.
Where is the mutual respect?
Where is the dialog?
Where is the co-operation?
The difference between Thailand and the Boy Scouts is that the Boy Scouts have adult leadership. A pox on all their houses the Reds and the Yellows….


all Thais are Treated Equally under the Rule of Law

To bring about a Thai society that is reconciled, based on the rule of law which meets international standards, whereby all Thais are treated equally. Thank you very much to Lucky Ying Shinawatra the Prime Minister of Thailand and sister of our National hero a convicted fugitive felon Toxin. The quote was taken from the press kit for the “Experience Thailand” blurb for the also dodgy