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When the Wind Blows the Bird Cage will Rock in That Phanom Thailand

I have been posting today about the wind and the cold in That Phanom, along the Mekong River in Thailand today and it is no joke it has gone right chilly. Reminds me of the old,old days when floods and winds wrecked havoc through the region.

Anyhow to prove my point I shot a short twitcast for you to check out and even the bird has escaped the scene.

I do hope this stops soon as it will not hope those folks looking for diners this evening


Country Music Isaan 07.08.11

Not sure of which spelling of “ta” in Naam ta faa” , but it does sound appropriate for the weather

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Country Music Isaan 07.08.11

thanks miss yin

Also known as quaan yin, goddess of compassion, who I had a brief chat with this morning about the stare if the weather.

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thanks miss yin

Weather Alert: 23-25 March

The main weather system is bypassing us, moving in a north westerly direction. (Yellow pin on map = Muang Sakon) Thai Meteorological Department Weather Warning “…cool weather is likely over lower northern, northeastern, central and eastern Thailand”

See the article here:
Weather Alert: 23-25 March

Hot days cool nights, then cooling

subject to update (change)

Sakon FC 3 – Udon FC 3 — Another Cold Front

It was probably one of the best games I’ve seen in the years I’ve been following Sakon FC. The crowd was ‘pumped’ till the very last moment. Both teams needed a win

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Sakon FC 3 – Udon FC 3 — Another Cold Front

Unseasonable cold is almost over

There’s all sort of chatter about the unseasonable cold weather most of Thailand had been experiencing for the past four days Sharp drop in temperatures felt nationwide as mercury plummets

Westerly Rain , Northernly Cold, Easterly Wind

Thai Meteorological Department Weather Alert