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Northern Virginia, Lao Community, Baci

weddingwomenOn April 23d 2016 my old friend Vilay’s son Chris was married and a Baci held at the Community Center in Reston Virginia. I remeber Chris, now 28, a a wee lad back in 1991 The community came together to prepare the food and to welcome the brides Ukrainian family and friends into the Lao Community. I have written about Baci a number of times and the best place to get correct information is at the Lao Heritage Foundation Website. It was touching to see not only how the younger generation Laos still respect and enjoy the traditions, but how much the Ukrainian folks enjoyed participating


Foodporn, Pho 75, Arlington, Virginia

IMG_20150628_104855If not the first, certainly one of the first. This DC instution now has 4 more locations in th DC area and three in Philadelphia. This Washington Post aricle, “How’s the Pho?” will give you some insight of the Restaurants and the owner. I have vegans say how they love Pho, but unfortunately without the bones and their marrow, the broth simply lacks the heart and soul of the soup.. In the album map you can see that I shot at 2 of the locations. If I reach any others this trip I’ll add thenm to the album


Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington County, Virginia

ancArlington National Cemetery always causes me a schizophrenic state of mind. On the surface a beautiful place, but in reality a place of misery, sadness, and horror. More than 400,000 graves hold a small percentage of those fallen in Americas wars and their families and in some cases others are buried here. You can read about that in the many references available. While the Vietnam Veterans Memorial I can stand apart and look, or stand at the wall and be with old friends who have never grown old Arlington National Cemetery totally consumes me, swallowed up in a sea of graves…

From Tom’s Desk, Virginia to Florida

I got to Wat Lao DC for the big annual 4th of July weekend do. Ajahn Bounmi’s 77th birthday and a wonderful visit with my old friend Vilay and his family. And here are some of my musings on the trip. I am on Android right now due to laptop problems which I will tell you about soon