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From Tom’s Desk, In Buddha’s Company

image The book itself is 226 pages to the end of the final chapter then notes, and index so on and so forth go on through to page 275. I also learned that there is a Vietnam Veterans Memorial for the Thai soldiers in Bangkok, but that it is in an out-of-the-way place that’s difficult for people to find more about that when I finish reading about it. anyhow I’m just into the first / last than a hundred pages actually and will be reporting more as time goes on but these are a couple of my first impressions.


Nam Pong Airbase, Khon Kaen Province, Nam Pong District, Thailand

nampong-airbaseI get fairly regular searches looking for information about the airbase. I last visited the site in May of 2013 with Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement Fame
Here is what Wikipedia has to say. “Elements of squadrons that had previously been located in Da Nang, South Vietnam were moved to Namphong starting in June 1972. The advance party that first arrived landed to find basically an airfield in the middle of the jungle. At that time the base consisted of a runway, parking apron and a few wooden buildings…


Into Sakon Nakhon,Thailand and a Search For the Past in Isaan, Norteast Thailand

Searching In 2013 in Northeast Thailand, for places where events took place in the 1960s, and the 1940s it is easy to become aware of the many changes that have taken place. Certainly in some cases progress, but in most just movement. And in some cases it is easy to see the advances in standard of living and the losses in quality of life. People in Isaan, even the educated have little interest in the past, unless it is their area of study. No one remembers who laid the first paved roads and their culverts and bridges, but the veterans of the 809th ECB and other units do. No one remembers the Seri Thai locations and the Japanese who the Thai Government welcomed, not really. Camps and memorials are made and some old photos exist, more as oddities than for there use in identifying places or for understanding history. I think I have a lead on Camp Mitrapap , past Kusuman and will be checking that out soon.