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Twitcasting,Dunedin, Main Street, to Drew Street, Clearwater, Florida

casting1Twitcasting in the States is more problematic than in Isaan, Northeast Thailand. There unless I was way off in the jungle I was able to connect to TRUE 3G. Here not only is that percentage of real estate not covered, it is divided up by any number of providers. Luckily main roads seem to be covered, the problem will be in state park areas. Doing straight video to upkoad to youtube is, so far, difficult as finding a holder to hold the phone in landscape more has been a problem….


Isaan Really Live, From Northeast, Thailand

Twitcasting Isaan Food in Northeast Thailand

So after about an hour of twitcasting I decided to stop and get a bite to eat at a local restaurant, and why not twitcast it to continue the test of 3G speed and twitcast capabilities. continued…Continue reading


Twitcasting on the Streets of Washington DC

panicSean and I were coming back from Southeast DC caught in Saturday traffic when I decided it was time to once again go live and twitcast from the mean streets of Americas capitol.
It seemed it was the day for funerals and the need to make detours became evident.
After a 20 some year absence I had no sense of direction while Sean expertly wove his way through the side streets and lanes of the district

So below is an Isaan Moment on the streets of Washington DC, back twitcasting live.


Isaan Dashcam in Northeast Thailand

I had read a few articles about dashcams about their use mostly in the West. People are using the to record their driving and the video as evidence in the event of an accident. That of course would be of no use in Thailand as Thais believe you can change the content of a video. I learned this some time back when I had recorded a video of a ceremony for a Provincial Governor. When he saw and commented on some mistakes a District Officer made, as far as protocol was concerned, the officer replied that that was not how it happened and I must have recorded it incorrectly. So so much for video for legal purposes in Isaan. I have recorded a number of trips both live visa twitcasting and also by way of phonecam video. which I have uploaded to YouTube that people seem to have enjoyed.

Welcome to Isaan LIve via 3G from Northeast Thailand

ThumbnailWhen the flood hit Northeast Thailand in 2011 a Interenet connections were few and far between. Wifi is still not plentiful in the region and back then a GPRS was often hard to establish. Back in February 2012 AIS was introducing 3G in the Khon Kaen area, The 40 Thai National Games and Songkran in 2012 I was able to broadcast Live via Twitcast. The AIS 3G coverage was soon oversubscribed and difficult to transmit over so I added TRUE to my list and started twitcsting live around the region.

That Phanom Festival,Thailand,21.02.13,1117h

After getting things sorted out this morning and a first look around I decided to see how thing were piking up going into the lunch hour. The esplanade to stretches fron the Mekong River to the That is now part of the center of activity and the main route for walkers from one point to the next.There are 1,000s of sellers in town and as usual many selling the same stuff as the next. Out on the river there are plenty of craft to shuttle folks to Lao and back and also doing river tours out on the, at this time of year, not so mighty Makong, or Mekhong, whatever you prefer.The fun is the people! Enjoy the twitcast


A new Map Idea from Northeast Thailand and Isaan Maps

For years now Isaan Life has been providing the most up to date maps for many areas in the Northeast Thailand region and now that, with the help of Larry over at Khon Kaen Retirement, I am learning, okay trying to learn a bit more about WordPress and have even been posting from my Android devices.
I don’t want you to feel like a stranger or get lost in Isaan. And remember to click on the title to view the entire post.  I do enjoy posting Isaan Moments and Welcome To using twitcaster and 3G which is now available throughout most of the region, but I want to do even more. So as you can see in the map below pictures of places along my morning walk in Sakon Nakhon are pictured in their geotagged locations. In other words I want to give you a look around the places I visit

An Update From Sakon Nakhon, Isaan, Northeast Thailand 07.12.12

click on title to view the entire post
First of all you might want to check out the new option in the blog posts here at Isaan Live. As you can now see you can listen to the posts. Luckily not my voice although I find the generic voice a bit generic, but I do like the concept. Thanks again to Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement for the help.
Next the , long awaited Samsung Galaxy Camera is due to arrive today, so stay tuned for the many reviews and comments that I will be posting . If you have any specific questions about the camera be sure to either comment or email your questions. I have downloaded the User Manual and watched hours of You Tube videos and still have many questions.


On the Road Sakon Nakhon to Khon Kaen

The bus left pretty much ontime and arrived just a bit late in Khon Kaen due to huge traffic jams Saturday or Sunday aand holiday mornings are a good time to travel as most people are asleep. Right now 1305h on the 17th I am sitting on a Nakon Chai Air bus enroute from Khon Kaen to Bangkok, which is a change of plans, but another story.The trip htrough the Phu Phan on the way to Somdet in

continued here:
On the Road Sakon Nakhon to Khon Kaen