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The Geographic Center of Isaan, Thailand is it สะดืออีสาน, The Belly Button or ใจกลาง the center; heart; middle; core

heartHas anyone visited recently. To my mind this would be a great location to open an Isaan Information Center, but I doubt that will ver happen. The building was derelict, and falling to pieces. I was informed that it is at the center of some political infighting. Whatever the case it should be the center of the Isaan Selfie experience, Enjoy
My Thai is not that great, but 1 thing I have learned in 18 years here is that the Tourism Authority of Thailand is more than likely to get it wrong where Northeast Thailand is concerned.

After ignoring the point for years they finally listed it, but is it the belly button or is it the center. That I leave up to you. Also I do not know who provided the point to Google Maps, and surprisingly it is only off by a few 100 meters, which I actually find amzing.

And in 2012 where at one time I could not even get a GPRS signal I could now get a 3G signal via TRUE 3G
and twitcast a live report


4th of July Parade, Takoma Park, Maryland

paradeI waited more than 35 years to experience the Takoma Park parade and it was worth the wait.
A rainy morning turned in bright sunshine for the kids, dogs, parents, politicians and miscellaneous others. Even the 9/11 consfiracy theory folks were there. A bit of a distance between marches puts the video off to a slow start. If you get bored zip to the lst 5 minutes or so , when I move off on foot to get as much as possible into the 30 minute twitcast.


From Tom’s Desk, An Android Adventure,Twitcasting, Meerkat, Periscope

guinnessTwitcast has been around the longest, for Android and My “Live at 5” used to draw an interesting crowd. Meerkat and periscope are recent additions to Twitter and I have tried both. Meerkat provides no option to save for posting in a blog, or to upload to youtube or elsewhere. Periscope does provide the option to save. My first periscope worked fine. But since then all the “mp4s have been unplayable. I contacted the good folks at periscope on 6 June and am waiting for a reply. If the periscope save works I wouls switsh as it does not have the 30 minute…


Dunedin, Florida, Downtown Market

imageThe Dunedin, Florida, Downtown Market takes place from 0900 to 1400 Fridays and Saturdays. The town’s  downtown area is shady and pleasant, unlike nearby Clearwater’s concrete and empty shops. Parking is free in Dunedin, once again unlike Clearwater, whete one must pay, in a town that should be encouraging visitors. there is a wide variety of products available, and shady places to sit and enjoy the music and a cold drink, or even a meal.


Isaan Live at The National Folklife Festival, Washington D.C.

The National Folklife Festival, Washington D.C. is an annual event on the national Mall each year. People from all over the U.S. as well as the rest of the year are in the Nation’s Capital for summer holiday visits and the town is packed  All the museums and galleries offer free admittance to all, even Thais.
As you can see and hear there is a healthy crowd out even for a Tuesday.
I also visited the Sakler Gallery and will be showing you some of the exhibits they have taking place there.

So I hope you enjoy Isaan Live twitcasting live in the U.S.


Mukdahan, Mukdahan Night Market, and More Mukdahan,Thailand

Mukdahan, The Idochine Market back in 06

Mukdahan,along the Mekhong River is Known for being the site of the second bridge across the river, it’s night food market and the Indochine Market, which has been there for yesrs. Agraet variety of…Continue reading

Along the Mekhong Day 1 08.01.12

I got to Mukdahan the afternoon of the 7th and scoured the town for wifi locations to transmit Live at 5 from Isaan Live. For a Provincial capital it was a sad situation. First of all 3BBhotspot is a…Continue reading

Mukdahan Night Food Market 13.05.11

The night food market in Mukdahan has been an institution for many more then the 15 years I have visited. It is located on the road in front of sala klaang, the provincial office building. Link:…Continue reading

Wrapping Up 2013 in Mukdahan, Thailand

Bueng Kan town was a bit of a bust. Traffic was out of hand and the restaurant experiences were on the not a foodgasm side of things, but more of that at a later date We checked out a couple…Continue reading

Mukdahan Night Food Market Broadcast Live 27.04.12 1710h

Finally after years of visiting the first ever live broadcast from the Mukdahan night food market. Another Isaan Live milestone. Food and more. continued here: Mukdahan Night Food Market Broadcast…Continue reading

Wat Laktikwan, วัดลัฎฐิกวัน, Mukdahan,Thailand,2014

laktiwanI have visited this site a number of times over the years. It is listed by Khon Kaen University Culture and  Arts Center . This is another location unknown to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Thailands National Tourism entity continues to demonstrate their ineptitude, especially in Isaan, Northeast Thailand.
This temple has a number of attractions on site. Inside the ubosot is not always open, but the funeral and other exhibits of art are outside Sadly many of the drawings are fading and the Fine Arts Department and any other agency is clueless about maintaining the places of religious, cultural and artistic value.

One of my dreams is to see the establishment of the Mekhong River Trail from Loei to Ubon Ratchatani, knowing there is at present no agency with the competency to attempt anything of that scale


Preserving the Culture of Isaan,Northeast Thailand


satriTourism Authority of Thailand shows little interest in showing visitors to the region the culture and cultural artifacts of the region They a long with other travel websites list  non existant and incorrectly defined sites such as the Arts, Culture and Tourism Promotion Centre in Kalasin still listed by Tourism Authority of Thailand and Sawadee and others after having been closed for more than to years.Most provinces demonstrate little commitment or interest in conserving Cultural Exhibits. While from time to time we can see ribbon cutting photo ops little is done to fund and maintain these sites once opened. Getting ready for the Chiyaphum trip Larry found A Thai Museums Database, from which I transferred locations to the Map When in Chaiyaphum town we visited The Chaiyaphum Cultural Hall at Satri Chaiyaphum school.


Mukdahan, Thailand a Musical Twitcast

All in all the 2 days in Mukdahan were the best way we could have chosen to finish 2013 The Huanam hotel, perhaps a bit old, but certainly comfortable friendly and efficient with a fine wifi connection One lunch at Krua Vietnam, which was full, but friendly and efficient Lunch at Ku Faet 1, was almost a bust as the sister was there to lazy to wait on customers, but was soon relieved by patriarch who got thing rolling and a fine meal was had. Strangely enough while Krua Vietnam spent the weekend crowds, Ku Faet was nearly empty, seems word is out about the service.
The evening festivities along the Mekhong were well attended in spite of the gale force winds and dropping temperatures …