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Forest Buddhism,Phi Ta Khon,Baci, A Lao Tradition and the 2011 Flood

Wisely reflecting, Forest Dhamma, Asalha Puja 20.07.12

After morning chanting Forest monks go on Pindabat, alms round. The people support the Sangha with food, while the Sangha offers the the Dhamma, or one might say food for the spirit. continued here:…Continue reading

Phi Ta Khon Event as Explained by Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand information package section says, in The afternoon the Phra Wate ( I have no idea what they are talking about) worship procession commences with a group of Saen and…Continue reading

Baci, A Lao Tradition in Northeast Thailand

The Baci is performed regularly through the towns and villages in Isaan Over the years I have taken part in hundreds of these. The ceremony is in NO way Buddhist. The Maw Pawn is usually a village…Continue reading

With Flooding in the area Life Goes on in Wang Tua, Isaan

While I was driving through the Nam Pong area in Khon Kaen, checking on flood status, I stopped in Wang Tua to see the situation. Located not far from the River they were lucky enough to avoid much…Continue reading

This Week’s More Dhammapada and Ajahn Jayasaro tells us More of the Life Of Ajahn Chah

I think,just as once a week there is an Upposatha Day, once a week it’s a good idea to set aside a post to the Teaching. And a Dhammapada quote and narrative by Ajahn Munindo along with a look at the…Continue reading

When the Wind Blows the Bird Cage will Rock in That Phanom Thailand

I have been posting today about the wind and the cold in That Phanom, along the Mekong River in Thailand today and it is no joke it has gone right chilly. Reminds me of the old,old days when floods and winds wrecked havoc through the region.

Anyhow to prove my point I shot a short twitcast for you to check out and even the bird has escaped the scene.

I do hope this stops soon as it will not hope those folks looking for diners this evening