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You Call This Thai Food?, Thai Food in Florida and America

quaiySo far in the past 6 months in the States I have only tried a couple Thai restaurants, but have heard all sorts of stories so the NYTimes story  You Call This Thai Food? drew my attention.
I am no way, unlike so many other travel writers and other experts in Thai food, having lived in Northeast Thailand for 18 years.
First of all most of the Thai restaurants I have seen…..


ก๋วยจั๊บ, boiled soup of Chinese noodles, kuay jap or guaiy jaep, Thai Food

jaebguaiy jaep is a popular breakfast in Isaan, Northeat Thailand. Like so many foods in Thailand the recipe varies from shop to shop and everyone has their favorite.

Joke and Khao Tom which are rice based are a couple of Thai favorites. Moo ping, Kao ngiaow faty BBQed pork and sticky rice is a dry popular breakfast and for the donut bunch Patango is graet to dunk in strong Vietnamese coffee.On a cold morning guaiy jaep has been my favorite for years….


More Duck and Dim Sum in Khon Kaen, Thailand

I have written about this establishment in previous posts and it is always in the top  of places to stop when I am in Khon Kaen, especially as temperatures drop. To my mind duck is best when the weather is cool, but the rest of their extensive menu is not to be ignored a good selection of Dim Sum and other ala carte choices, The vegetables are not overcooked and are fresh It is always clean which is a plus lately at many Isaan Eateries. The  establishment is conveniently located on Naa Muang Road, just south  of Pimpasud, across the street from the Khon Kaen Hotel entrance Beer is available and seating is plentiful The menu, as you can see in the album is etensive..
Whether for a light meal or a real pigout this is one of my top 10 in Khon Kaen…


Somehow It Always Comes Back to Food In Isaan,Northeast Thailand

My food month in Isaan, May 2011

Usually have my my phone cam with me and if you follow my blogs see plenty of food posts. So here is a look back at food photos from the past month. They make hungry hope they do you too. Read this…Continue reading

Suki in Maharakham 02.04.12

what might be the longest food post ever. Me having a meal at mahasarakham at an all you can eat suki restaurant. 120 baht all you can eat, a bit more expensive than khon kaen, but good value if you…Continue reading

Thai Breasts, Size Matters

The King of breasts in Isaan is Gai Muun (rotisserie Chicken) Juicy big succulent breasts attached to golden brown bodies heated from the in and outside There is nothing wrong with Gai Yaang, aka…Continue reading

Aug 4, 2012 lunch Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

If in town in…Continue reading

A simple meal in the Village, Nong Khai Isaan

It doesn’t take much when a few friends get together in the village to put an outstanding meal together. Fried chicken, somtam, some vegetables and a couple tom yaam plaas See original here: A simple…Continue reading

Im Aroi Restaurant,Kalasin,Thailand

Im Aroi is located on Somphamit Road between th Paiboon Hotel and the traffic circle. Not an especially large place, it has a large array of food on offer. Stir Fried,Thai Style Salad (yaam),Fried, more stir fried, Soup and Steamed Dishes as well as an extensive Seafood Menu, Along with Single dishes are on hand. Some foods are seasonal or subject to availablity, but you will not lack for choice any day of the wee. Many of the customers make use of the carry out availiblity, as I often see sitting there enjoying my meal and cold adult beverage. Unless I am meeting folks there I enjoy dining early to beat the rush, especially on weekends and holidays. From spicy hot to breaded fried shrimp they have something for everyone. The staff is prompt and attentive, but not breathing down your neck. They pay attention to westerners and are quite polite.

The Restaurant of Look Chai Kamnan Boonsong,Kalasin,Thailand

Back in the day Kamnan Boonsong was known for his somtam,gai yaang and beef and today his son is running both branches of  his fathers restaurants. We visited the on on the ring road just west of the big new Tesco in Kalasin. Looking for a place to eat the day before the Lions Club Libray opening we were directed to the establishment and tried out the gai yanng,somtam,khao ngiaow and Beer Leo. For some of you that is BBQ chicken, Thai papaya salad, sticky rice and Beer Leo. Now I realize I am not the expert that many of the travel bloggers are on the subject of Isaan food as I am constantly reading their reviews, but after a few thousand chickens, and a few thousand somtam and certainly thousands of restaurants in Isaan I feel quite shy,but still willing to offer my humble opinion……

As far as somtam is concerned every restaurant has their own recipes  with Bangkok style somtam on the bottom of the list. The Bangkok style is sweet and not very popular in the Northeast. Generally the most popular is Lao style and with a small Mealy Crab cut into it.
The, sorry,myth about burn your ears off somtam is just that a myth. Most Isaan people enjoy somtam that may seem quite hot to people who find oatmeal spicey, but many Mexican food are much spicier as Mexican peppers are hotter the the ones that came to Thailand.
Next the much loved gai yaang or as I prefer to call it yard bird. As with many females in Thailand it is difficult to find much in the way of breasts and the offering at most that Gai Yaang establishments show that. I generally will try the bird at most places that I stop, but with few exceptions plan to be underwhelmed. Gai Mun, a rotisseried full bird for just a bit more is becoming more and more popular in Isaan.
laapboonsongNot wanting to give up on the place where the beer was cold, although no Beer Chang, we went back the next day and I tried the Laap Nuea, beef laap, and that did not let me down. The sticky rice was fresh both times. I would recommend the place, with a small caveat. A number of Thai friends mentioned that the place is quite good and popular, but like so many in Northeast Thailand has a bit of a problem with cleanliness. Prices are okay,food is generally good, so if you are in Kalasin give it a shot.

Food Travel and More from Isaan, Northeast Thailand

The meal at wat pa song tham, sakonnakhon, isaan, thailand

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Songkran Live from Sakon Nakhon Thailand

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Join me in an Omelet in Khon Kaen Thailand

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Isaan Update 08.09.11

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Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin to Roi-Et to Surin on the Buses in Northeast Thailand

Sunday morning is a safe time to travel,usually as school is generally closed, people are not going to work and the rest of the world is hung over. I hopped the 0700 Sakon Nakhon to Mahasarakham…Continue reading

ChomDao Resort And Restaurant,Sawang Daen Din,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

The ChumDao Resort in Sawang Daen Din,Sakon Nakhon is a popular place for government meetings, conventions and the like. I used to stay there with some regularity, but had not visited in over a year. I has quite please with the state of the restaurant and property, but found the wifi an inprovement over the old system, but not as adequate as I would want.
If you do plan on visiting be sure to book ahead as the property is often fully booked.
The rooms in the hotel, a 3 story structure range from 600 Baht for ground floor to 500 for the upper 2. I will confirm bungalow prices in the next couple weeks. There is no swimming pool, but the Karaoke Bungalows are quite popular with the Thais. I’ll give the wifi 6 out of 10. A bit slow.

Sakon Nakhon,Thailand,Chinese New Year the Last Evening 12.02.13

Last night sounded like big band night at the Chinese New Year Fair in Sakon Nakhon and they did a pretty good job music wise. Generally my ears get a bit of a torture at these fairs, but the music the three nights of the fair were neither too loud nor too bad. The Ball Room Dancers? went on for hours constantly recruiting passers by.
There was a small exhibit of period photographs and an overhead projector presentation, but the lighting was no good for the projector and no one took an interest in sorting it out.
Ran in tome some acquaintances and ended up imbibing a fair amount of Beer Leo, sadly no Chang on hand. I must say it is much nicer having these things on the street as that allow the sale of adult beverages.