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Heavy Fog Out of the Phu Phan, Kalasin, Thailand

This time of year a roadtrip can be more dangerous than usual and the start of a long weekend especially so. Departing  Sakon Nakhon at about 0530 the sky looked okay so I decided that the Phu Phan route would be okay and it was until a bit more than 30 kilometers before Somdet in Kalasin, where it went pear shaped. The sky gat darka nd heavy fog set in. Thai drivers seem to think using headlight is expensive as they are very slow to turn them on. They also do not understand things like wet conditions and solid yellow lines. The long weekend put about 10 times the normal traffic on that road and if it would have been the same conditions in Somdet, Kalsin I would have pulled over as their are plenty of crashes on the road from there to Kalasin even in good weather.So here is the 2 minute or so  twitcast of the phu phan in the fog…


On Northeast Thai Roads During the Rainy Season

Thai roads are dangerous places to be at the best of times. Many are not well designed, especially as far as drainage and modern layout is concerned. Most are not crowned and banked curves are often incorrectly and sometimes dangerously  designed.
Then when you put poorly trained and some not trained at all Thai drivers on he roads the situation gets worse. Vehicles to big for the roads, driving to fast for conditions and not keeping the eyes on the road are normal in Thailand and especially Northeast Thailand, Isaan,. Motorcycles driven by children and drunkards.Children walking on the roads are a major danger in rural areas. Mismarked and unmarked roads and motorways are not uncommon. And then add the rain.