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Road trip, Homosaasa, Tallahassee, and Chieftan, Florida, State Parks and More in Pictures

deerThis is one of those google+ things that I find quite useful, especially for a lazy bugger like me. Although I will post most of the points of interest on this trip in seperate posts this slideshow tour with maps is quite useful and attractive, to my mind, anyhow.

It would be nice to be able to embed it in wordpress, but for now I do not know of a way…


Alfred B.Maclay Gardens State Park, Tallahassee, Florida

gardenI agree with the reviews, and the one in particular who mentions finding the entrance. It does appear that The historic Gardener’s Cottage is only open part of the year. No question this is a tranqui; retreat on the edge of the city and appears to be frequented frequently by the locals. I found it a pleasent escape on a weekday morning, but once again on this roadtrip thunder and flashes of lightening were not far away. The brochure, once again, is quite useful for Alfred B.Maclay Gardens State Park, offering plenty of information.
Whatever the case…..