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4th of July Parade, Takoma Park, Maryland

paradeI waited more than 35 years to experience the Takoma Park parade and it was worth the wait.
A rainy morning turned in bright sunshine for the kids, dogs, parents, politicians and miscellaneous others. Even the 9/11 consfiracy theory folks were there. A bit of a distance between marches puts the video off to a slow start. If you get bored zip to the lst 5 minutes or so , when I move off on foot to get as much as possible into the 30 minute twitcast.


From Tom’s Desk, Takoma Park, MD, 3 JULY 2015

wetAfter a 3 hour delay in Tampa I made it to a clod and wet Washington D.C.and on to Takoma Park, Maryland and the apartment of the good Sean and Liz. I will be posting more about the food I have devoured, the beer drank and the exhibits and memorials I have visited in the near future. And next week hope to catch up with the Bluegrass Guru, old friend Ed Henry.


From Tom’s Desk in Takoma Park, Maryland

It has been a great start to my visit in the Washington D.C. area. Visiting old friends and old haunts has been fun as well as emotional at times. I have been on the go more in the past few days than in the past few months and am looking forward to the rest of the trip.

As the 4th of July weekend wraps up I will be starting my 1000 mile or so drive back down to Florida. Yep, I bought a car and I am looking forward to showing y’all a hunk of aAmerica along the way. So stay tuned to twitter and son on as I continue my American Adventure….