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Your Daily Dose of Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Coming Up at Isaan Life In Northeast Thailand

Friday morning it is up early and over the Phu Phan taking highway 213 to Kalasin and the  Pong Lang, Phrae Wa and Red Cross Fair. If you are looking for fairs and festivals in Isaan the Red Cross…Continue reading

Education in Thailand. What Education in Thailand

BuddhismJust when I was gettinc comfortable posting stories about The Chakri Kings of Thailand and the Initiatives they initiated, Visiting the Phu Phan Royal Development Study Center and other interesting…Continue reading

And the 2012 Pullet Surprise for Fiction in Thailand goes to….

Luc Stevens  is the United Nations resident coordinator and UNDP resident representative in Thailand.  and the award is given for his article Human rights and development, two sides of the same…Continue reading

Songkran Wrap-up Day 1,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

The only Commandment of the Songkran Commandments that I did not see broken in Sakon Nakhon on the first day of Songkran was 3) Thou shalt not put ice in the throwing water. This is another new…Continue reading

Part3,Thailand Royal Initiatives and Dealing with Polluted Water

2.3) Management of polluted water 2.3.1 Cleaning of water to get rid of polluted water This is a method to use clean water and to shove away or to dissolve polluted water. This royal initiative has…Continue reading

Wat Mongkon Ratana, Tampa, Florida, Songkran 2014

mongkonThe Wat is set up with a traditional slaubosot and a very nice house for the monks, while off to the side is an area and building where the weekend market is set up. The weekend market sadly sells only prepared food. There is a sizeable shaded are for a meditation garden and when needed eating area. The crowd was mostly westerners who came for the food and cultural show, but there were a good number of Thais as well. It looks like after 18 years in Isaan I can easily get Vietnamese food, but Isaan  food is a bugger to fing. The Gai Yaang was baked and had no relationship to anything I have had for the past 18 years and the BBQ pork was as tough as water buffalo.


12 Traditions, Duan ha, bun song nam, fifth lunar month,making merit by pouring water,songkran,Thailand

heet05Songkran is a solar occurrence but Duan ha, bun song nam, fifth lunar month,making  merit by pouring water,songkran takes place.The Full Moon occurs at 1443h on the 15th in Thailand
On the fifteenth day of the waxing moon (full moon) in the summer afternoon, Buddhist villagers bring water to the preaching hall with worshipping things. All the Buddha images in the monasteryare cleaned after the praying ceremony, first by monks and then lay people. Everyone pours  water upon the Buddha images and monks as well as the elderly and asks for best wishes. Next day  monks are given food and offerings.
People can pour fragrant water on the images for one month and they may take sand to the monastery, make sand pagodas, free animals, and play Songkran by throwing water to each other.


Songkran, Sand Chedis and Thailand Roads

Thailand’s Roads and Deaths a Look from Isaan

my truck being towed after being run off the road (A reminder for old readers.This is from Tom’s Desk so click on the Title to…Continue reading

songkran hdqtrs evening 150411 #1

Back at the front line for the final Sprint Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8 See the original post: songkran hdqtrs evening 150411 #1…Continue reading

Sand Chedis at Wat Phra That Choeng Chum,Songran,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

  The sand chedi building competition started at 0900 and the judging is due to take place at 1230h. As you can see some groups are quite ornized and some less so. But everyone seems quite…Continue reading

Isaan Live Podcast Episode 41

Getting Ready for Songkran and More Left clickto Play, Right click to Download To subscribe at itunes is justa click away…Continue reading

Songkran Live Khon Kaen 13.04.12 evening

Thing got going full bore a little after 5pm at Beung Kaen Nakhon. continued here: Songkran Live Khon Kaen 13.04.12 evening…Continue reading

Songkran, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

songkran2011Of course I am going to miss Songkran 2014. Having experienced 18 of them I have learned to see the, yeah you got it, the good the bad and the ugly in the 3 to 30 days of fun, madness and carnage in Thailand. It is Christmas, Easter and Mardi Gras all rolled into one. All in all my favorite place for Songkran was Bueng Kaen Nakhon in Khon Kaen. Families doing their loop around the lake, stopping to have a meal. Brothers an sisters back from the States or Europe or Oz paying their respects to the family elders. Sadly the road deaths are are big part of the bad. Drunk driving, speeding and little help from the Government.

The ugly of course are the tourist ghettos set up by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Declared Alcohol  Free areas they are full of inebriated Thais and westerners making a mockery out of the occasion (more…)

Thailand Roads It’s A Jungle Out There, Isaan

On Northeast Thai Roads During the Rainy Season

Thai roads are dangerous places to be at the best of times. Many are not well designed, especially as far as drainage and modern layout is concerned. Most are not crowned and banked curves are often…Continue reading

Songkran 2012 Thailand 18 dangerous days this year

People will be on the road from Thursday evening 5 April till Monday morning 23 April this year.Chakri Day a Public Holiday falls on Friday the 6th of April. Songkran April 13-15 (Friday-Sunday and …Continue reading

Driving in the Phu Phan Mountains from Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin,Thailand

The roads in Northeast Thailand are dangerous night and day, but driving through the Phu Phan Mountains in Isaan presents even more dangers, you might say one around every corner. Blind left hand…Continue reading

Songkran Death Toll After Three Days

Songkran Roadway Deaths On The Rise Three days into the Seven Dangerous Days of Songkran and 116 lives have been lost on Thailand’s roadways. The first two days of Songkran there were 29 and 30…Continue reading

Drivers Education,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

This 7 kilometer stretch of road into Sakon Nakhon is a dual carriage way with plenty of dangerous  U-turn spots and feeder roads with merges and exits. Thais tend to drive too fast for conditions,…Continue reading

Drought in Isaan,Northeast Thailand

Watching local cable news in Sakon Nakhon last night saw a story about another village that has been without water getting a tanker full. Just as in the flooding of 2011 the government of Thailand misses no opportunity to use the victims of the government incompetence  for propaganda purposes. You would almost think the government workers actually used their own money to present the grateful villages water.
In the past week I have also discovered that a fair number of villages in the Sakon Nakhon area did not celebrate Songkran as they were out of water. Of course I am sure you are seeing regular reports on the situation, and answers from government spokesmen as to why the reservoirs are holding no water. Not to worry just like the floods no one is ever responsible…….

More about Songkrans Past in Isaan,Northeast Thailand

More Videos from Songkran Day1 2011, Khon Kaen

Here is a video taken midday 13 April, at Beung Kaen Nakhon in khon kaen, Traffic is a bit slow, but the music keeps everyone moving. See the article here: More Videos from Songkran Day1 2011, Khon…Continue reading

a tom yaam evening in khonkaen

My run amuck weekend before songkran Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.8 Continue reading here: a tom yaam evening in khonkaen…Continue reading

Songkran And The Almighty Baht

Will Songkran Generate 5 Billion Baht This Year? Songkran, Thai New Year, is supposed to be about family. It is supposed to be about showing respect for your elders.  It is supposed to be about…Continue reading

Songkran 2011

It turns out I will be in Khon Kaen for this years Songkran Festival. The plan is to photograph Morning Tamboon (offering food to the monks) at 0630 on the 13th, at the fountain, at the northeast…Continue reading

Tourism Authority Of Thailand Khon Kaen Marketing Songkran To Locals

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand Khon Kaen Office, Songkran is NOT for Farangs Songkran, Thai New Year, is right around the corner and the Tourism Authority has had a mini-marketing…Continue reading

Social Action,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

The last night of Songkran and somehow at about 1600h in the midst of the whole thing I have to drive to the Imperial Hotel in Sakon Nakhon for some social thingy. I had no desire to go out, be out or have to subject myself to social niceties. But, being the good, sensitive partner that I am off we went. The drive there will be described in another post. It is enough to say that the relationship between the Thai government and their commandments is totally delusional.
We did make it to the hotel and were told no password was required for wifi, which made sense as there was no wifi. After being told that I was having a connection problem I gave the a tour of a Samsung Galaxy Note and showed them just who was the really dummy .