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The Restaurant of Look Chai Kamnan Boonsong,Kalasin,Thailand

Back in the day Kamnan Boonsong was known for his somtam,gai yaang and beef and today his son is running both branches of  his fathers restaurants. We visited the on on the ring road just west of the big new Tesco in Kalasin. Looking for a place to eat the day before the Lions Club Libray opening we were directed to the establishment and tried out the gai yanng,somtam,khao ngiaow and Beer Leo. For some of you that is BBQ chicken, Thai papaya salad, sticky rice and Beer Leo. Now I realize I am not the expert that many of the travel bloggers are on the subject of Isaan food as I am constantly reading their reviews, but after a few thousand chickens, and a few thousand somtam and certainly thousands of restaurants in Isaan I feel quite shy,but still willing to offer my humble opinion……

As far as somtam is concerned every restaurant has their own recipes  with Bangkok style somtam on the bottom of the list. The Bangkok style is sweet and not very popular in the Northeast. Generally the most popular is Lao style and with a small Mealy Crab cut into it.
The, sorry,myth about burn your ears off somtam is just that a myth. Most Isaan people enjoy somtam that may seem quite hot to people who find oatmeal spicey, but many Mexican food are much spicier as Mexican peppers are hotter the the ones that came to Thailand.
Next the much loved gai yaang or as I prefer to call it yard bird. As with many females in Thailand it is difficult to find much in the way of breasts and the offering at most that Gai Yaang establishments show that. I generally will try the bird at most places that I stop, but with few exceptions plan to be underwhelmed. Gai Mun, a rotisseried full bird for just a bit more is becoming more and more popular in Isaan.
laapboonsongNot wanting to give up on the place where the beer was cold, although no Beer Chang, we went back the next day and I tried the Laap Nuea, beef laap, and that did not let me down. The sticky rice was fresh both times. I would recommend the place, with a small caveat. A number of Thai friends mentioned that the place is quite good and popular, but like so many in Northeast Thailand has a bit of a problem with cleanliness. Prices are okay,food is generally good, so if you are in Kalasin give it a shot.

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Somtam, the Book, Thailand, aka Foodgasm Isaan

somtambookSomeone is always posting about somtam here in Thailand. I have been sent to the best place for somtam in more places than I can remember by 90 day wonders and by people who think that the sweet mess they serve in Bangkok is the way to go. Sure what is sold in Bangkok might be somtam, training somtam I guess. Everyone seems to be an expert on somtam and with great disappointment I have tried some of their recommendations.
The other day browsing through a bookstore I spotted Somtam and the 77 Provinces. Okay so Thai Rak Thai v3.1 and the Prime Minister have still not figured out the number of Provinces in Thailand, but the book looked great. Okay reading the entire thing is beyond my skills, but not to worry….

If it is Saturday in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand it Must Be…

Saturday in Sakon Nakhon mans different things to different people. To me a big part of Saturday is lunch, Isaan style.

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If it is Saturday in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand it Must Be…

Aug 4, 2012 lunch Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

If in town in

Somtam in northeast thailand comes many ways

I get quite amused by many of the posts and pictures I see of Isaan food, and people eating Isaan food.I especially enjoy seeing what people call somtam.Of course there is nothing wrong with any of it it is just lacks the Isaanness that makes it really IsaanHere’s a somtam I would guess not many people outside certain areas of Isaan have ever experienced. It is a type of sohk lek with another twist.If you know Isaan food you should be able to identify all the ingredients.

It’s Food not Foodies in Isaan

(click on thumbnail to view full size) I see Photos of Isaan and Thai food for that matter that in no way resembles the food I eat daily in Isaan. I see the “I Love Somtam” sites or whatever and wonder what would happen if some of those people ever visited Isaan, what they would say

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It’s Food not Foodies in Isaan

>Isaan Dinner 25.05.11

Just a quiet dinner out with a couple folks, but not to shabby for a boring Thursday evening. Fish, laap, somtam, squid salan, khao ngiao and of course beer

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>Isaan Dinner 25.05.11

gai yaang somtam khao ngiaow

The beer is not mine the whole plate of somtam was