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From Somdet to Kalasin on the East West Economic Corrider, AEC, Thailand

AECI was given to believe that this 30 some kilometer road was finally complete as a dual carriage way. It is not. And I am fairly cerain the the section from Somdet to Mukdahan being dual carriageway remain just another Thai delusion.
The EWEC is meant to connect Myanmar to VietNam as part of the AEC . High Speed Railways, Tunnels through the Phu Phan mountains all are pipe dreams touted by successive Thai governments. Now talk about a rail line from Mae Sot to Mukdahan in Thailand….


The 238, Connecting Sakon Nakhon, Kalasin and Mahasarakham, Thailand

I received the following comment to my post Getting Around Sakon Nakhon Town,Thailand, Local Transportation
Baht buses, what are they? Do you have any pictures of them? Are they different from song teaw? Can you say some words about express buses from Mahasarakham to Sakho Nakhon? I heard they are the most punctual buses in this part of the country. Could you confirm that?
First of all Song Taew is Thai for 2 rows, which generally applies to the 6 wheel trucks that ply the countryside bring people and good from the rural villages to towns and back, while baht buses are regular 4 whell pick up trucks that provide local service in towns like udon,ubon and khon kaen in Northeast Thailand. They also travel into the villages outlying the towns, and,obviously carry smaller numbers of people


Down to Kalasin for the Silk Festival in Northeast Thailand

The 213 is the road from Sakon Nakhon to Kalasin town. There is a ring road that can be used to bypass the town if going on to Roi Et, Mahasarakham or Khon Kaen. One way or another if arriving on a weekend morning I prefer to drive straight through town. As in many municipal and built up areas multi lane roads go unmarked and lane definition is nonexistent, so drive carefully, as always the plan in Isaan.
I hope the silk festiavl and observance of the queens birthday is as enjoyable as it has been over the years.
I have given up on the updated Paiboon Hotel and the unresponsive staff as well as generally useless wifi service. I will be bring you up to date on some lodging and food choices and updating the Kalasin Province Map which is the most accurate and up to date map available for the province. Here’s the trip into town on the 213 from Sakon Nakhon


On the Road Sakon Nakhon to Khon Kaen

The bus left pretty much ontime and arrived just a bit late in Khon Kaen due to huge traffic jams Saturday or Sunday aand holiday mornings are a good time to travel as most people are asleep. Right now 1305h on the 17th I am sitting on a Nakon Chai Air bus enroute from Khon Kaen to Bangkok, which is a change of plans, but another story.The trip htrough the Phu Phan on the way to Somdet in

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On the Road Sakon Nakhon to Khon Kaen