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Sites of Historical.Military Significance in Northeast Thailand

Like so many places and bits and pieces of history, I learned along time ago that Thailand plays a bit loose with accuracy. From historical information and the lack of  it to locations where supposed events are said to have happened.Recently I started to try to locate sites of Vietnam era U.S military camps here in Isaan and it is easy to see that 45 years ago might as well have been the Stone Age in Northeast Thailand. Talking to people my own age and older most people do not seem to have a clue about what was going on 1 kilometer from where they lived. Larry of Khon Kaen Retirement and I listened to a Thai go on for half hour or so about the American Camp in Khon Kaen, that turned out to be elsewhere. A couple weeks ago I found the site that I am now 90+ percent certain was the asphalt plant for D Company 809th EBC about 4 kilometers east of Kusuman District . Sakon Nakhon Province. And now with the help of some of the guys on Facebook, think I have the Company area.

What Happened on 28 January 1945 in Sakon Nakhon,Thailand?

mapWe  meaning Larry at Khon Kaen Retirement and I the Free Thai Seri Thai Movement and places and events of the Second World War in Northeast Thailand for some time now. Finding any evidence of any real action has all been a dead in. We have, to date, found no evidence of any Sei Thai contact with the Japanese at that time. I have already posted Free Thai in Northeast Thailand? and the incorrect information posted.
The video shown here was found at the Phu Phan Museum in Sakon Nakhon and raises more questions than it answers. Why would they light a marking fire if not to guide a parachute drop? So why a mysterious plane? Anyhow the plane made the drop to include tires? Tires for what they had no vehicles? Anyhow other than at the Phu Phan Museum there is no mention of this event anywhere I have found, to include at the Exhibit near the Cave site.

Finding Places and Google Maps in Northeast Thailand

Looking at my maps it is nearly 7 years ago that I got my first Garmin GPS, and of course, Google Maps already existed. I could go to an area of interest or a wat, or a khmer ruin or anywhere GPS it and put it on Google maps, I was in hog heaven. Now, years later and many hundreds of sites mapped I see that not only Tourism Authority of Thailand, but most travel bloggers prefer to keep sites a mystery. Why people do not mark locations is beyond me. And incorrect Panoramio posts drive me …..
A couple years ago I was standing on a flooded road in the middle of nowhere looking for a Exhibit some travel blogger had marked on a map. After finding the location some kilometers away I mentioned in a post that people, meaning travel bloggers and anyone else marking a spot on a map might give a bit of attention to whether the data were correct…

I was assaulted by bunches of emails and comments telling me that travel bloggers were not map makers and on and on. Lesson learned, never offer constructive criticism to the Travel Blogger Mafia. Just look at their site on Facebook, 100s of posts about SEO and shit , but not one about accuracy in reporting. I really do not like to make people stand around and wonder where they are and where what they are looking is. If you look in my Picasa Albums or now Google+ you will see that most photos in the last couple years are all geotagged. Maps can be viewed showing satellite imagery or as ,mmore or less road maps. There are some things about google maps that bug me that is another post. In some cases I have identified many locations in a province and looking at the map ca be confusing. Now in the case of Sakon Nakhon to avoid confusion I have created a Seri Thai, Vietnam era, Communist etc and a Wats of Sakon Nakhon map and all places in Sakon Nakhon that I have mapped to include the preceding can be found in the Sakon Nakhon Province Map below

View Sakon Nakhon in a larger map

Wat Tham Phuang, Phu Lek and Buddhist Places of India

During our latest road trip Larry and I went up to Tham Phuang as I wanted to find out if one of the monks I know up there might have any information to help our search fore Seri Thai, Vietnam era or Communist activity in the area. Unfortunatky Ajahn Jitt Jai spent most of his life in Roi Et and had more questions for me about the area. Anyway, I showed Larry around, and around as I got a bit disoriented driving and talking at the same time. On the way down the hill we stopped at a series of replicas of important Indian Buddhist sites. Sarnath is the deer park where Buddha first taught the Dhamma and The Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya are along the road. We then stopped at the Phu Lek Headquarters and back down the hill. There are 2 caves in the area to visit, but we were on a mission so moved on>

I think the Tourism Authority of Thailand listed the Indian Buddhist sites some time ago, but for some reason (I guess too many people were interested)dropped it. As a matter of fact looking around it seems everyone has dropped it. The trip to Wat Tham Phuang, the cave, the temple grounds, The Indian Replicas, Phu Lek, and the Wetsandon Monument are well worth the Visit if you are in the area and one of the many places to stop between Udon and Sakon Nakhon.

View 20130508phulek in a larger map

View 20130508phulek in a larger map

Into Sakon Nakhon,Thailand and a Search For the Past in Isaan, Norteast Thailand

Searching In 2013 in Northeast Thailand, for places where events took place in the 1960s, and the 1940s it is easy to become aware of the many changes that have taken place. Certainly in some cases progress, but in most just movement. And in some cases it is easy to see the advances in standard of living and the losses in quality of life. People in Isaan, even the educated have little interest in the past, unless it is their area of study. No one remembers who laid the first paved roads and their culverts and bridges, but the veterans of the 809th ECB and other units do. No one remembers the Seri Thai locations and the Japanese who the Thai Government welcomed, not really. Camps and memorials are made and some old photos exist, more as oddities than for there use in identifying places or for understanding history. I think I have a lead on Camp Mitrapap , past Kusuman and will be checking that out soon.

Isaan Updates From Northeast Thailand 9.05.13

buddhaDaeng and I traveled to Khon Kaen on the 1st to visit friends and pick up some computer accessories that cannot be found in Sakon Nakhon. The 1st was a holiday and she managed to get the 2d and 3rd off giving us a 6 day weeked as Monday the 6th was also a holiday. After a few days of food and drink and with Larry Westfall along we headed out on the 5th in search of Free Thai sites, Vietnam war era sites and whatever else. We traveled to Na Khu in Kalasin and checked out the Free Thai airstrip there before moving on to Nam Phung in Sakon Nakhon where we had little luck with the site there. After a stop at Phu Khieow and a forest of antennae we arrived in Sakon Nakhon later in the day on the 5th, sort of a day earlier than planned.