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Samsung Alert, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

appropriatedSamsung Alert, Sakon Nakhon at the Robinson Life Center or Mall or whatever it is called. My 10 inch Samsung Tablet was weirding out and since I do 90+% of my worrk, to include blog posts on it I decided to get a back up device. I went to the Samsung shop at the Mall in Sakon Nakhon,.
The first thing that struck me when talking to the sales person, at the Official Samsung Outlet was that he did not even know which tablets were four or eight core. Having told me the tablet I selected was 4 core, I suggested he check that information. Laughing and stating “farang doesn’t know” he got the brochure that showed” arrogant salesperson is clueless” and it was in fact 8 core. Always remember that Thailand is the land of Appropriated Technology.


From Toms Desk, Apps and Updates

Screenshot_2015-04-09-04-32-07Well I should be on the road. And I’ve also been working with a few apps trying to figure out the best office type app. And also getting ready for my trip to Atlanta Georgia. I am quite enjoying the Samsung keyboard. Having used and satisfied with the Google keyboard and it’s shortcuts ability. The Samsung keyboard that I stumbled onto by way of YouTube has many tweas that I find quite useful. Anyhow have a great week…


Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park,Florida, New finds and New Camera

hom2I visited Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park,Homosassa, Florida back in August. At the time I was directed to the car park right across the street from the park and missed the main interest with Visitor Center, as well as the 20 minute pontoon boat ride to the visitor center as well as the shady  tram/walking path.
Also using the Samsung Point an Shoot WB50F. I am still getting familiar with the small bit of shutter lag, but it does provide better zoom and a better quality photo as well.
Since I was there mid day on the weekend you can see a bit why Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park…


Garmin GPS, Google Maps and Samsung Point and Shoot in America

panicTo my mind Garmin is more bossy the the Google lady. Setting up a destination in Google also feels easier. Sure, a lot of that might be due to the fact that I have used Google for years and Garmin only recently.
Due to the internet situation in the States, Garmin has to be used if one needs direction, as well as local information.

At the end of the day the big problem is Internet access in the States. When your ISP des not cover the area you are in, you are screwed. 2G is useless. If you do not want to go to a fast food place, or where ever they provide free access, you are screwed……


Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand End of Year Update

Looking back I can see 27 Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand posts in just over a year The idea behind the concept is me a soon to be 67 year old Senior Citizen aka Geezer talk about the Android applications I find useful and some not so useful.I want to end the year with 2 items.
First of all as I stated I use the old edition of the Google Maps App, but I believe this holds true with the updated editions. Here is northeast Thailand as I scan a map of an are I will see places like Nong Loeng Tourism, in the photo left When I visited the site I saw that there is nothing of interest there I clicked on the entry and saw I could inset a picture and rate the site Okay, I am as derelict as most others here, but if you are using google maps in your travels in rural Thailand, or elsewhere…


Using Panoramio With Google Earth for Android in Northeast Thailand

I guess this is another episode of Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand or not I’ll leave it up to you. I have posted photos to Panoramio for some time now and wish I would remember to do it more often. I also enjoy browsing through Google Earth with Panoramio enabled to get a preview of what might be available to see when I am travelling through an area.
What I will often do is locate an interesting place in Google Earth in Windows, copy the lat/long into Google Maps in Windows and save it to one of my maps so that I can find the place in the field with my Android device.
Since the Tourism Authority of Thailand and travel bloggers seem uninterested in the culture and places of Northeast Thailand it takes a brave and adventurous type to get out and enjoy the beauty that is Isaan

Episode 11,Google and the Geezer, an Andoid Adventure in Northeast, Thailand

I have been checking out every video that appears in YouTube, Google+ and anywhere else for useful poop about the Samsung Galaxy Camera and other Android Applications or tricks. There is a lot of really neat flash shit out there, as it is mostly just that SHIT. Sure well done fancy looking, but little help. I watched a interesting Samsung Galaxy Camera thing on Google where some actual for real film dude was doing a Camera Promo that included some split screen video. So I commented asking what Application he used and a week later still no answer. How do you captures screen on the Samsung Galaxy Camera? Must be effing top secret!
But, the thing that has been really driving me crazy is geotagging. I have the GPS on, doing everything I have done with every other Android device I have and the damn thing keeps giving me none geotagged results.

Google and the Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand Episode 8, More Samsung Galaxy Camera

Here we are back again taking another look at my Samsung Galaxy Camera. I kept noticing an e/v value coming up in Manual mode and I could not figure out why, as I had not set one and did not want an e/v adjustment.
I finally sat down with the camera and went through all the exercises to figure out just what was happening and present the answer here. Of course while pressing buttons and talking I do get a bit tongue tied and 1600 might become 600 or whatever, but can watch the screen and see what is really happening. I suggest you watch this full screen so that you can see the numbers and the preview in the background. I do wish Samsung would publish a more in depth user manual for the camera. Also still unfound is how to screen capture in the Samsung Galaxy Camera. I thought I saw mention somewhere ,once upon a time, but cannot find again.

Google and The Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand an Amazing Thailand Application


The Tourism Authority of Thailand is a real application factory, except for the fact that they do not do a thing and use outside contractors to put together their applications. I have been recording places and events in Isaan, Northeast Thailand for more than fifteen years now and have come to a number of conclusions relative to Tourism Authority of Thailand.
They are not particularly interested in accuracy, as they often give incorrect dates, places,  and locations for places and events, not only in the Northeast region, but throughout the country. They cannot check their contractors for accuracy as Tourism Authority of Thailand has not a clue to what is going on or where.