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Pho, Pho Kien Giang, 8730 49th Street, North, Pinellas Park, Florida

pho kienI want comfortable when I go to a restaurant. And I want authentic food when I am comfortable. And I don’t go to a restaurant for “home Cookin”. If I wanted home cooking I would do it at home for less money and better. The broth for pho, if done properly, takes hours letting the bone marrow give up its goodness and richness to the broth. I want real Nouc Mam, not watered down. I want things called what they are called in the country of origin, not cutesy western names. My 3 favorite Pho houses are in this neighborhood. I will be back…again, and again


Mahasarakham,Ban Chiang Hiang Private Museum

The town is located about 8 kilometers outside the capital on the road to Roi-Et on the North side of the road. As I understand it the museum was started by a well known artist from this town in Isaan.

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Mahasarakham,Ban Chiang Hiang Private Museum

hard at sleep khonkaen

PTT north of town nearly 0600

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PTT khon kaen heading north after KKU

This place has been filthy for a while and should be avoided

Westerly Rain , Northernly Cold, Easterly Wind

Thai Meteorological Department Weather Alert