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The Kham River Irrigation Project Maintains a Number of Dams and Weirs from Sakon Nakhon to the Mekhong River in Nakhon Phanom

kham riverI first encountered the project when driving to That Phanom District in Nakhon Phanom. I was impressed by the simplicity os the project that helps control flooding when necessary nd hold water during times of drought. Later I visited the first of the series of dams at the outflow of Nong Han in Sakon Nakhon. And this past week I visited all the sites in between. Here is a link to the Picasa Album if you want to view it in Picasa and view the locations. I will be embedding it below, but have been experiencing some Picasa problems. I will be posting some informaion about maps soon, as well.


Sakon Nakhon, Nong Han, Kham River, Irrigation in Northeast Thailand

kham riverSince I visited the Kham River Dam and Irrigation District Offices just outside That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom Province I have been interested in finding the other dams along the river. The other day I was searching out a number of sites and as usual scanned photos in the relevant areas to see if anything looked pertinent to my search. I found the dam, in Thai called watergate, the controlled Nong Han’s flow into the Kham River. I copied the lat/long into my Sakon Nakhon Google Maps. I also followed the Kham in Google Earth and located the other water gates visible and added one to Sakon Nakhon and the others to my Nakhon Phanom Map. The weather went from blue skies to overcast, but the rain held off. I made a stop at a wat I was looking for and then headed to the  dam.


Samsung Galaxy, Thailand, Live Nong Han,Sakon Nakhon and More

Google and the Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand Episode 8, More Samsung Galaxy Camera

Here we are back again taking another look at my Samsung Galaxy Camera. I kept noticing an e/v value coming up in Manual mode and I could not figure out why, as I had not set one and did not want…Continue reading

Live from the Mekong River in Northeast Thaland

  by way of TRUE 3G and a Samsung Galaxy Camera by way of twitcasting. What I am sure s the first ever live broadcast to an international audience. For sure Ray @ozlao and a viewer from Canada…Continue reading

Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure in Northeast, Thailand

I have been publishing Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure in Northeast, Thailand episodes for some time now and thought it an idea to storify the first dozen. I also have been super busy…Continue reading

From Toms Desk 5 April 2013

I have been using WP SEO Supercharger and am generally satisfied with it. What it does is to create draft  posts made up of past posts relative to Google searches, such as the one shown…Continue reading

Cruising Nong Han, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

Nong Han or Han Lake at 120 or so square kilometers is one of the primary features of Sakon Nakhon Province. Lack of advertising might like you to think otherwise, as is far from commercialized….Continue reading

still more Isaan, Northeast Thailand

Water Hyacinth cleanup in Nong Han, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand , 20.08.12

I was exercising in Galyani Vadhana Princess of Narathiwat Garden when I spotted the barge at work so stopped to video the cleanup The , I believe they are , are a plaque to waterways and bodies of…Continue reading

Wat Pa Tak Seua,Sangkhom,Nong Khai,Isaan 25.11.11

As I previously posted the drive along the Mekhong River From Chiang Khan In Loei to  Sri Chiangmai in Nong Khai is well worth the drive The are very few places to view the river and valley from any…Continue reading

The Mekhong River in Northeast Thailand, Isaan 01.12.11

Late last month I began my latest tour of the Mekhong River at Chiang Khan in Loei Province and contiued downriver to Sri Chiang Mai in Nong Khai Province. My first post, linked here, presents the…Continue reading

Wanon Niwat,Sakon Nakhon

if you are traveling along road 222 between sakon nakhon and nong khai their are few service centers. this one lacks sit down toilets but is clean and has a large 7-11…Continue reading

Nong Khai, Isaan, Mekhong Region Update 19.09.11

The Mekhong or in this case Mekong River Commision has it’s forecast. The Mekhong is up a couple centimeters over the last 48 hours. You can see how the villages are protected, although low lying…Continue reading

Kham River Dam and Irrigation Project, That Phanom, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

All the rivers in Isaan that flow into the Mekhong River in Northeast Thailand are dammed to prevent Mekhong  high water from back-flowing and flooding the region. The Songkram River is the one exception.

The Kham River flows out of Nong Han in Sakon Nakhon and over 100 kilometers to the Mekhong. The river is essential for crop cultivation in it’s basin. This Irrigation project, which is still being implemented began four years ago and is scheduled to be completed in 2016. Ultimately there will be a set of 8 dams to protect from flooding and to retain water for irrigation during the dry season.This post I show you around the main area where the final dams and pumping stations exist. I hope in the future to show you more of this project


2012 the Last Moonset and Sunrise of 2012 Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

From Wat Phra That Choeng Chum to Nong Han on this mornings walk and a chilly morning, finally it was, about 12 celsius here in Sakon Nakhon.
It has been a busy week with Ed and Jane visiting for the better part of a week. Yesterday we revisited Nong Kae where they were boiling the silk and running it into thread. I will post the story from there early next year.
I will probably head down to Surin about the 6th to visit Nobbi and Noi at their restaurant and get some paperwork done.
The  Red Cross Fairs will be going on around Isaan in January so will figure out where to visit and when

Cruising Nong Han, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

Nong Han or Han Lake at 120 or so square kilometers is one of the primary features of Sakon Nakhon Province. Lack of advertising might like you to think otherwise, as is far from commercialized. Provincial advertising tells prospective visitors that it is the place in Sakon Nakhon to experience the sunset while it lies generally east of the city. There are basically no restaurants and few parks and recreation areas along the banks of the lake. Click on the title to view the whole post.


Another mobile test post with the wordpress application from northeast thailand24.10.12


A beautiful evening along Nong Han in Sakon Nakhon and another mobile post test

Back to Sakon Nakhon from Udon Thani, Thailand 23.10.12

I arrived in Udon Sunday morning and have already posted about the trials and tribulations of the first 24 hours. In the near future I will post about the new hotel and restaurant I found in the Soi Sampantamit area and some other odds and sods. I managed to collect the truck which was about 10 kilometers out of town on the Chiang Yuen Road

continued here:
Back to Sakon Nakhon from Udon Thani, Thailand 23.10.12