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Buddhism Ajahn Chah, Modern Isaan Blessing or Scourge

chah-sumedhoI found these words some years ago and thought it a good time to put into Isaan Live. It’s about a year since I first posted this Ajahn Chah story and being back in the States see this reflection on “Progress” pertinent.
“So much in life is called progress, but in the end seems only to be movement. “I (Ajahn Chah left Khon Kaen Friday Morning and it is now Sunday afternoon. I have seen flooding and drought in the same day, I have seen suffering and joy. The loss of crop and the harvesting of crop. I have seen disco and morning Puja. I have seen people caught up in face and people who know the reality and samsara of face.
Modern times rammed itself down the throats of many in Isaan. Every river that feeds the Mekong River dammed save one.


Illuminated Boat Procession,Nakhon Phanom, Thailand

ilumnkpBook soon if you are planning on attending this year. Auk Pansaa Falls on 16 October 2016. A llok back to October 2013, The town filled to the bursting point starting early the morning of the 19th. 1,000s of big Bangkok Motorcycles, Mercedes and tour buses. Sunthon Wijit Road filled with pedestrians and unfortunately the road was never closed to vehicles Or if it was, the law as usual, was ignored. By sunset kerosene fumes and smoke filled the riverfront. It was the first time at any event in Isaan since 3G became available that I experience total gridlock. Everyone, nearly was Lining and Facecebooking. About 1930h a bit of bandwidth appeared and I was able to tweet the odd photo, but any idea of twitcasting was just a dream.
Spending most evenings of the week with a number of very helpful government officers provided an addition insight and provided a wealth of information that I will post soon. Enjoy the video for now,,,


The Siamese Trail of Ho Chi Minh

HochiminhThe Siamese Trail of Ho Chi Minh is one of those mixed fact and fiction books that set me off.At the end of the day I end up not believing most of what is written.
Yes I am aware of Ho’s time in Siam and have visited a couple of those locations, but when the author talks about being able to see Phu Kieow from That Narai Chang Waeng I know he is either mistaken or fictionalizing.


Wat Pho Kham, That Phanom,Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, Buddhism

20130111_094824The Temple is located in Nam Kham village south of Thai Phanom and the Kham River. This is yet another of the isaan Mural temples from the Paper by Pairote Samosorn “E-sarn Mural Paintings” 1989. The paper sponsored by the Toyota Foundation is available as a bilingual book. Once again much like Wat Phra Si Mahapho in Mukdahan there is a “disconnect between what he describes and what is on the walls. At times I wonder if he actually visited some of the sites or were students sent to complete the survey? We have, once again, a wonderful example of an early 20th century ubosot. Unfortunatly, you need to see this one and many of the others soon as they are not being maintained to any standard and are deteriorating at a quick pace.

Along the Mekhong, Loei To Nong Khai, Thailand

Part 2 The Mekhong River in Northeast Thailand, Isaan , Nong Kai to Mukdahan

Earlier this month I documented the trip from Chiang Khan, Loei to Sri Chianmai, Nong Khai. I have just retaravelled fo this year the area fron Nong Khai town to Mukdahan. More: Part 2 The Mekhong…Continue reading



Eateries in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand,Yahd Thip Laap Phet Restaurant

laap-mukNakhon Phanom is not a bastion of fine dining Mukdahan and Ubon are both better supplied with Vietnamese restaurants, while Nakhon Phanom has perhaps a more sizable Vietnamese population  There are a couple up-scale restaurants that I found to be poor value for money They also seem to be often overcrowded and understaffed. One I have enjoyed for some time is Yahd (Yaad) Thip Laap Phet Restaurant As the name implies it is know for it’s duck Laap, which is as good as the Laap Phet in Mukdahan, which is second to none. It also doed a nice job with other lappd as well as other Isaan and Thai foods. The owner and staff are quite friendly and prices are reasonable It is located south of Soi Thatsana Pathum and a few sois North of Wat Mahaa That. It is easily spotted by the circular staicase in the right front as you look with the Mekong River at your back…


Loei To Nong Khai Along the Mekhong River

Along the Mekhong River Nong Khai town to Mukdahan, Thailand along the old hippy trail

Yesterday I documented the trip from Chiang Khan, Loei to Sri Chiangmai, Nong Khai.In this episode you can get a look at the river from Nong Khai town to Mukdahan.  This time of year, winter season…Continue reading

Isaan Live Update 24.11.11

Good morning, I am hitting the road again today. Heading, first generally north through Khon Kaen toward Loei Province and Chang Khan on the bank of the Makhong River. While driving through Khon Kaen…Continue reading

Wat Pa Tak Seua, Sangkhom, Nong Khai Isaan 25.11.11

As I previously posted the drive along the Mekhong River From Chiang Khan In Loei to  Sri Chiangmai in Nong Khai is well worth the drive The are very few places to view the river and valley from any…Continue reading

Part 2 The Mekhong River in Northeast Thailand, Isaan , Nong Kai to Mukdahan

Earlier this month I documented the trip from Chiang Khan, Loei to Sri Chianmai, Nong Khai. I have just retaravelled fo this year the area fron Nong Khai town to Mukdahan. More: Part 2 The Mekhong…Continue reading

Chiang Khan, Loei along the Mekhong to Sri Chiangmai, nong Khai 25.11.11, an Isaan Journey

I got out of “khao san road on the mekhong” aka Chiang Khan as soon as I photographed pseudo pindabaht and stopped at Keang Khut Ku for a might fine cup of espresso and some shots of the rocks in the…Continue reading

Mukdahan, Mukdahan Night Market, and More Mukdahan,Thailand

Mukdahan, The Idochine Market back in 06

Mukdahan,along the Mekhong River is Known for being the site of the second bridge across the river, it’s night food market and the Indochine Market, which has been there for yesrs. Agraet variety of…Continue reading

Along the Mekhong Day 1 08.01.12

I got to Mukdahan the afternoon of the 7th and scoured the town for wifi locations to transmit Live at 5 from Isaan Live. For a Provincial capital it was a sad situation. First of all 3BBhotspot is a…Continue reading

Mukdahan Night Food Market 13.05.11

The night food market in Mukdahan has been an institution for many more then the 15 years I have visited. It is located on the road in front of sala klaang, the provincial office building. Link:…Continue reading

Wrapping Up 2013 in Mukdahan, Thailand

Bueng Kan town was a bit of a bust. Traffic was out of hand and the restaurant experiences were on the not a foodgasm side of things, but more of that at a later date We checked out a couple…Continue reading

Mukdahan Night Food Market Broadcast Live 27.04.12 1710h

Finally after years of visiting the first ever live broadcast from the Mukdahan night food market. Another Isaan Live milestone. Food and more. continued here: Mukdahan Night Food Market Broadcast…Continue reading

Google Maps and Nakhon Phanom,Thailand

phaengI was on the search for a number of locations in the Northernmost section of Nakhon Phanom. I did the usual searches in Google, Google Maps and for photos in Google Earth. One big problem is the uselessnes of Thai to English transliteration. For instance a placed spelled Tham Kio in English is actually pronounced Tham Kiou, as in ouch.. If you ask for Kio not Kiou you will get nothing but blank looks. Finding Wat Pha Setthaphon Phu Langka Nuea Priest’s Camp Site wa a piece of cake and a steep hike up the steps to the wat.  Ajahn Pra Jahk at 76 year is spry and an inspiration to talk with. Priest’s Camp is oftem used for places called Kham Pra, Monks area. Phu Langka National Park was right, more or less where Google marked it. It being a 4 kilometer walk to the Kong Khao Sriboon Nao Chedi and later in the day we decided to give the trip a bye…