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Finding Places and Google Maps in Northeast Thailand

Looking at my maps it is nearly 7 years ago that I got my first Garmin GPS, and of course, Google Maps already existed. I could go to an area of interest or a wat, or a khmer ruin or anywhere GPS it and put it on Google maps, I was in hog heaven. Now, years later and many hundreds of sites mapped I see that not only Tourism Authority of Thailand, but most travel bloggers prefer to keep sites a mystery. Why people do not mark locations is beyond me. And incorrect Panoramio posts drive me …..
A couple years ago I was standing on a flooded road in the middle of nowhere looking for a Exhibit some travel blogger had marked on a map. After finding the location some kilometers away I mentioned in a post that people, meaning travel bloggers and anyone else marking a spot on a map might give a bit of attention to whether the data were correct…

I was assaulted by bunches of emails and comments telling me that travel bloggers were not map makers and on and on. Lesson learned, never offer constructive criticism to the Travel Blogger Mafia. Just look at their site on Facebook, 100s of posts about SEO and shit , but not one about accuracy in reporting. I really do not like to make people stand around and wonder where they are and where what they are looking is. If you look in my Picasa Albums or now Google+ you will see that most photos in the last couple years are all geotagged. Maps can be viewed showing satellite imagery or as ,mmore or less road maps. There are some things about google maps that bug me that is another post. In some cases I have identified many locations in a province and looking at the map ca be confusing. Now in the case of Sakon Nakhon to avoid confusion I have created a Seri Thai, Vietnam era, Communist etc and a Wats of Sakon Nakhon map and all places in Sakon Nakhon that I have mapped to include the preceding can be found in the Sakon Nakhon Province Map below

View Sakon Nakhon in a larger map