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Baci, A Lao Tradition in Northeast Thailand

baciThe Baci is performed regularly through the towns and villages in Isaan Over the years I have taken part in hundreds of these. The ceremony is in NO way Buddhist. The Maw Pawn is usually a village elder and occasionally an ex monk. I most enjoy watching the old ladies assembling the Pa Kwan before the ceremony. Over the years I have seen the Ceremony turned into a money making event, used by certain monasteries and organizations, that is not the correct implementation of the baci. The Lao Heritage Foundation offers the best I have seen and I will reproduce it here and you can go to their site for more information.

The Baci Ceremony Definition:

Illuminated Boat a Dying Isaan Craft and Tradition found in Nakhon Phanom, Northeast Thailand

Returning to Sakon Nakhon from That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom Province I was taking the back roads looking for the dams that make up the Khan River Irrigation Project. The weather held out and Google Maps did not get me too far off the correct path. Google maps roads are better than 70% accurate up here in Isaan, which is a far site better than any Thai map or road atlas available. The one thing Google Maps does not do is distinguish between dirt and hard surface roads. Actually as long as it is not the rainy season dirt roads are sometimes better as their potholes are not as hard. Anyhow, suddenly I thought Daeng was going to fly out of her seat pointing and hollering at something going on in a field off to the left. So I figured either she needed the toilet, there was food, or there might actually be something of interest and low and behold a site I have only seen once before in 18 years, the making of an Illuminated Boat old style. I don’t know who was more excited. We hope to get back for it on the 19th…..


Isaan-Live Podcast Episode 14. Phra Nut, the rest of the story

this week we hear the rest of the story of Phra Nut’s life and getting his act together

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Vesakha Puja, 14 Khong in Isaan

khong means customs, laws, rules I don’t see anything about no beer, but DO NOT have sex today.

Vesakha Puja, 14 Khong in Isaan