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Going Places in Northeast Thailand

More visit Isaan, Khon Kaen and The Lonely Planet stuff 16.06.11

okay back to “Things to do in Khon Kaen” by The Lonely Planet Guide They mention Wat That, Khon Kaen City Museum, Wat Jeen Beung Kaen Nakhon, , Wat Po Ban Nontan, Mhesak, Spirit House and Mahathat…Continue reading

12 Traditions,Boat Races and more in Isaan

The 11th month is Auk Pansaa or the end of the rains retreat. There is usually all sorts of celebrations to include boat racing, beauty pageants and parades. Visit link: 12 Traditions,Boat Races and…Continue reading

Isaan Flood and Weather Update 09.11.11

It was a bit chilly and wet this morning so did a quick visit out on the ring road and called a couple other places to see the state of clothing and blankets. The boys at the Royal Thai…Continue reading

Thai Style in Thailand

I have been in Northeast Thailand AKA Isaan for more than 17 years now and it is the only place in the world that I have been offered American Fried Rice. I have seen it an the English menu in many…Continue reading

Dinosaur Park, Phu Wiang, khon kaen, isaan (DSLR)

The mist and the clouds gave a strange air to the scene at the dinosaur park. No lush green background with blue skies and puffy clouds. Sort of like frolicking with the Flintstones in Isaan Read…Continue reading

Isaan Update 29.08.12

So far the rainy season has been a bit of a non-event here in Northeast Thailand. Intermittent showers and occasional downpours have been the norm over the past few weeks.My look at Lampao reservoir in Kalasin has been posted and as noted irrigation water is the only discharge taking place and the water is at its lowest level.
Friday the 31st we plan to depart Sakon Nakhon in the afternoon to Mukdahan and the 1st an early start to Ubon Ratchatani and Wat Pa Nanachat. The purpose of the trip is to pick up Thai language Dhamma books for the folks who support the Forest Monasteries in this area. A short stop at Wat Nong Pa Pong, Ajahn Chah’ original monastery and a visit with some acquaintances and a return to Sakon Nakhon on Monday the 3rd. Another goal of this trip is to try to find some real Vietnames food in Ubon. I have seen a video of a Banh Mi stand that looks pretty authentic. I have already had a few meals at the “Indochine which I would rate about 60% authentic at best. I have heard of 2 others and of course will report my finding in the blogs.

Hope we all have a happy and safe September and follow Isaan Live for the best Isaan updates.

09.08.12 Update and a bit of news from Sakon Nakhon Northeast Thailand

Well, here it is more than 1 month based in Sakon Nakhon and in a domestic relationship, following,bacically, 5 years on my owna dn based in Khon Kaen. Sakon Nakhon is much smaller than Khon Kaen, but like all Thai cities has just about everything needed for daily life The differences ocuur in the area of technology, computer hardware and accesories. In Khon Kaen because of my location I was walking distance to about 8 or more restaaurants or places for an evening beer, while in Sakon Nakhon there are a number of choices, I do miss Beung Kaen Nakhon on occasion.
As far as my search for and “investigation” of those things Kammathana Dhutanga Buddhist the past month is way beyond anything I could have imagined. Visiting the places where Ajahns Sao and Mun spent not only some time, but entire “rains Retreats” and reveisited over the years. Meeting people who’s family have been supporters of the monks for nearly 100 years is providing insights I never imagined. Seeing the impact Ajahns Sao and Mun and their students have had on Buddhism and the communiies here.
More westerners overseas are probably aware and support Kammathana Dhutanga (Forest) Buddhism than in Thailand. Ajahn Sumedho and other western students of the forest Bhikkhus have not only been accepted internationally, but the number of Monasteries of this lineage are opening and supported around the world.
Here in Thailand it5 has been reported from many sources that the majority of monks do not keep the vinaya are overweight and are supported by a small part of the population, while the Dhutanga Bhikkhus sit on the floor to eat their meal of the day out of an almsbowl and spend their days in some form of meditation.
Anyhow day 12 it’s off to Khon Kaen to visit some folks back there, then to Kalsin for a day or to isiting as well and then back to Sakon Nakhon as Daeng has to be back to work on the 16th.
I will be posting more about Forestt Buddhism the monks. supporter and places. Am now waitng to get more information about river and reservoir levels in preperation of reporting on flooding if and when it happens
The webcam,twitcasting and the usual posts will continue as always.
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions send them on I always try to respond as soon as possible.
Otherwisw y’all Take Care


Isaan Live Podcast Episode 51

The move to Sakon Nakhon and more
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Flood recovery? in Northeast Thailand

During the not flooding in Isaan this place was pretty much under water.

continued here:
Flood recovery? in Northeast Thailand

Isaan Live Podcast Episode 37

Health care and epidemics in northeast Thailand,Isaan
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Isaan Live Podcast Episode 30

The 1st of the New Year, about Isaan Live Broadcasts and more
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Isaan Update 21.12.11

Okay here’s the skivvy as it stands today. Wait a moment I just looked and it is taking me a bit over 3 hours to upload a 8MB file. Welcome to Isaan Y’all. Did you know here in Isaan you have to pay extra for “express” email service.
Thursday, tomorrow, the 22tooth of December I am heading back up to Wat Pa Kanchanaphiek to try to get some updates about the New Year retreat and to take some photos for you.
 Then I will continue to try to check out the Vipassana Center.
Today I stopped by the meditation center in Khon Kaen, it is Dhammacaiya and they have meditation every eveining at 6PM. They also have a retreat center near Phua Reua in Loei, that I will try to get more info about.
Then some of this and some of that till the 29th\30th when I will be at Wat Pa Ban Tad, for the 1 year anniversary of Luangta Maha Boowa death.
New years day I will photograph the observance in a small village, in contrast to this year’s New year morning in Khon Kaen.
Then back to Khon Kaen to finish the truck rehab and then off to Mukdahan and Ubon, finishing this seasons Mekhong River Survey.
That’s enough for now, I am making myself thirsty- Oh by the way be sure to follow me on twitter where you can see my #wordsofwisdom.
Merry Cristmas or whatever you celebrate and a happy New Year #1 for 2012

20 Billion Baht. Where does it come from in Thailand

It looks like the Toxin, phase 2 government is going to budget that amount of money for flood recovery, whatever that means. If I remember correctly the Deans of a couple major Bangkok Universities came up with repair costs before the floodwaters had receded.

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20 Billion Baht. Where does it come from in Thailand