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Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure, Nexus 6p, Huawei

IMG_20160427_071247Samsung meant quality to me for a long time, but now I think of bloatware when I look at my Note 4. That’s why when I decided to try out Project Fi I went with the Huawei 6p. It’s big enough for my old eyes, pure Android, no junk, android Marshmallow, and mighty fast.              While I  don’t like the idea of no microcirculation at 64 gigs and a cloud all is well.


Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure, Project Fi

IMG_20160427_071247Project Fi, by Google kicked off about a year ago. I followed the whole thing at a couple forums and Youtube. As things stand at the moment it appears I’ll be in the States about half the year. so I decided to join and had my Huawei 6p and Fi simple waiting for me when I arrived in DC.
I’ve been using it all out 6 weeks no and for all practice purposes have no complaints.
In less than a month I will be learning how it works out internationally.
Next Google post will address the 6p and Android 6, Marshmallow


Google and the Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand, VuPoint, Magic Wand, Scanner

magic wandI got the scanner back in the States, another Amazon deal. Trying to get away from windows I could use my scanner/printer using the Android wireless application. But I wanted an “on the road” solution and this device does the trick. If I team the scanner up with Google Goggles I can get things into a text file for blog posts.

Google, The Geezer, Android,and an IpadMini, Keyboards

keyboardAs already mentioned I picked up a refurbished IpadMini while in the States. The main purpose is to use with a Phantom 3, if I buy one when I get back to Thailand in a few weeks. Being a long time Android user I looked through the itunes store for anything better than the crappy stock ios keyboard. First thing I noticed was optional keyboards are a recent addition to the ios system. There are a few available, but nothing to do a dance over.


Google, the Geezer, Android and an Ipad Mini

geezerI have been thinking about getting a Phantom Drone when I return to Thailand and while doing research on the whole thing I keep noticing people complaining about the problems with the Android devices used in the operation of the drones. Now some of the reviews named their devices, some not. Over the years I have learned that Reviews are more often than not opinions, but I decided to err on the safe side and purchasing mobile devices is much more economic here in the states, so I bought a refurbished Ipad Mini 2 retina.


From Tom’s Desk,The Android Swiftkey App and Google and the Geezer

swiftkeyI have been using the Google keyboard for sometime now and I am not quick to change something I use so regularly.
Usually during a week I look at a couple dozen new, or new to me, apps and am constantly trying to improve app efficiency, in other words reduce the number of apps I use by using more efficient apps.
While the new app does not have some of the features of the Google Keyboard, it looks to be worth a try.
We shall see…


Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure, Google Maps

gmapsGiven my druthers I would completely eliminate Windows from my life and the big bug a boo in that whole process has been Google maps.
I keep watching out of date videos on YouTube, and have learned to check the date since applications are generally defunct, or have undergone major changes after a few months.
So far I have been unable to figure out how to delete layers in Android, but they can be added and edited.
The main use og My Maps for now is to create a map that folks can see to get an ide of the places I have visied.

But at the end of the day there is a lot of stuff to sort out  before seeing Google Maps of much use in Thailand.


Garmin GPS, Google Maps and Samsung Point and Shoot in America

panicTo my mind Garmin is more bossy the the Google lady. Setting up a destination in Google also feels easier. Sure, a lot of that might be due to the fact that I have used Google for years and Garmin only recently.
Due to the internet situation in the States, Garmin has to be used if one needs direction, as well as local information.

At the end of the day the big problem is Internet access in the States. When your ISP des not cover the area you are in, you are screwed. 2G is useless. If you do not want to go to a fast food place, or where ever they provide free access, you are screwed……


Reviewing Vietnamese Restaurants, Pho, and Anthony Bourdain.

phoI have been reading reviews by Pho aficionados in Google, Yelp,Foursquare, Swarm and elsewhere since I have been back in the States, 100s if not 1000s of reviews and not one I rremember has mentioned the richness of the broth, about bone marrow about how the beef is not precooked but only by the broth.
People find it easy to eexercise their mouths, or pens, or fingers without engaging their brains. Why don’t you see many Thais in Thai restaurants in America? Because the restaurants do not sell Thai food!. Thais, Laos and other Asians flock to Pho Shops…..