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Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park,Loei, Thailand, Isaan Kunming,Google Maps and GPS

kunmingUpdate 01 February 2016
I you happent to find Suan Hin Pha Ngam Park on the Tourism Authority of Thailand website you will learn that This Park has limestone mountains that have eroded over time to form an interesting shape, similar to that in Kunming in China. A path, which winds through the rocks, takes visitors to the lovely Suan Hom and Phiang Din Waterfalls. The park is south of town ( Wonder which town they are talking about )on Highway No. 201. Proceed past Wang Saphung to Nong Hin then take another road for 20 kilometers. They go on to inform you that the park is located in Amphor Pheu Rua, which is still more Tourism Authority of Thailand delusionas it is located in Nong Hin District. And it is open 24 hours a day. I would not want to go wandering in the middle of the night, but most certainly would like to see the fine folks at Tourism Authority of Thailand give it a try.

Isaan From Above, Sights and Sites in Northeast Thailand

Since my return to Isaan in September last year I have been photographing the region using a DJI, Phantom3. All of the photos are geotagged, but, unfortunately those locations can’t always be seen in places like Facebook and  Twitter. If you are looking for a place to visit, or just want to see where something is located the best thing to do is to go to the album in Picasa.


Foodporn, Pho Hanoi, Gainesville, Florida, Vietnamese, Restaurant

goi cuonafter overcooked shrimp, tasteless onion rings and lousy service at the Seabreeze Restaurant in Cedar Key, florida, and a tough morning drive, finding the Hanoi was a life saver. Cheerful, efficient staff, a fine bowl of Bun Bo Hue, Cafe Sua Da and a Goi Cuan  (Vietnamese Soft Spring Rolls- Shrimp and Pork Tofu, Grled Park or Chicken, Vermicelli Rice Noodles, Lettuce, and Cilantro wrapped in clear rice paper and served with Peanut Sauce), got me back to better than normal, whatever that might be….


Google, Maps, Silk, Isaan, Thailand, and Stuff

A Visit to the Phu Phan Research Center in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

shellSo now that you have read the story of the Royal Initiative of the King,  just what is the place really like. The place is brilliant and if you are in Sakon Nakhon and do not take the time to…Continue reading


Highways,Byways and the U.S. Military in Northeast Thailand

Thailand, road safety in Isaan 04.01.12 am

thepsudaOn the Friendship Highway in front of the new Tesco Khon Kaenafter the rush hour you can still see the dangers of U-turning into traffic in Thailand Watch live video from Thailand Live from Isaan on…Continue reading


Google and the Geezer, an Android Adventure, Google Maps

gmapsGiven my druthers I would completely eliminate Windows from my life and the big bug a boo in that whole process has been Google maps.
I keep watching out of date videos on YouTube, and have learned to check the date since applications are generally defunct, or have undergone major changes after a few months.
So far I have been unable to figure out how to delete layers in Android, but they can be added and edited.
The main use og My Maps for now is to create a map that folks can see to get an ide of the places I have visied.

But at the end of the day there is a lot of stuff to sort out  before seeing Google Maps of much use in Thailand.


Google Maps, Wat Tham Phuang, and Free Thai in Northeast Thailand

Maps, Google Maps and getting to Wat Tham Phuang in Northeast Thailand

I usually go to this cave wat from Sawang Daeng Din, which is North of this area and the wat is south of Song Dao. Even in this small section of road atlas page you can see that it is pretty useless…Continue reading

Free Thai in Northeast Thailand?

Larry over at Khon Kaen Retirement has been digging through the anals of history. Yes anals, not annals. A dark place that seems to be full of shit). I on the other hand am more interested in places…Continue reading

Garmin GPS, Google Maps and Samsung Point and Shoot in America

panicTo my mind Garmin is more bossy the the Google lady. Setting up a destination in Google also feels easier. Sure, a lot of that might be due to the fact that I have used Google for years and Garmin only recently.
Due to the internet situation in the States, Garmin has to be used if one needs direction, as well as local information.

At the end of the day the big problem is Internet access in the States. When your ISP des not cover the area you are in, you are screwed. 2G is useless. If you do not want to go to a fast food place, or where ever they provide free access, you are screwed……


Tourist Authority of Thailand,Amazing Thailand Application

ttt-appHow one national tourism authority can stay ignorant in a world of amazing applications would be stunning if it was not the Tourist Authority of Thailand. Sure many tourism authorities farm out technical processes, but at least test them to see if they work. Not so the geezers at TAT. I would be willing to bet that better then 90% of them never have and never will use an application, let alone visit most of the places.
The app seems to want to give directions to places and in Thailand one must be very careful with Google Maps as all roads are not correct.

The app does not locate points by amphor and I could go on and on but watch Part 1 ….


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