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Chonnabot, Khon Kaen, Thailand, Isaan, Google Map

Chonnabot, Silk, Khon Kaen Thailand

chonnabotI have updated the original post. September 2014. TAT advertises this place extensively in their written and video propaganda, but seem unable to place it in any obvious way anywhere. To be somewhat precise, if you are driving West on road 229 from…Continue reading

Wat Tham Si Mongkhon or Wat Tham Phiang Din, a Cave in Nong Khai Province, Thailand

This is another listed by the folks who present The Caves of Thailand, the website has the most complete list of caves of Thailand I have ever seen. In most countries the tourism board is usually the place you can find that kind of imformation, but here in Thailand the Tourism Authority of Thailand is the last place to look for information. In the video linked here on youtube. There would be a public outcry if it was thought the women in the shorts was a Westerners dressed inappropriately for a religious site, but Thais routinaly dress like this and nothing is said.If you are on the river road between Nong Khai town and Sangkom there are a few interesting stops. You might need to click on view in larger map as the icons sometimes do not open
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