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From Tom’s Desk, March Madness, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

guinnessMarch Madness refers to the Annual Collegiate Basketball Tournament in the United States, but in this case March in Northeast Thailand Madness. At 68 my short term planning includes the next 5 minutes, medium term the next couple hours and my long term planning is the rest of today.
But then there is simple convention and planning for the months ahead has to happen. Looking a options and next couple years the 2 big factors are my age and the situation in Thailand.
After 17 months of dealing with the Veterans Administration I have been granted 100% service connected disability status, which has had a major impact on a number of situations.
Whatever he case I have tonnes of Isaan related projects while in the States.


From Tom’s Desk, on the World’s Most Dangerous Roads

accidentIt’s a jungle out there. Thailand is reported to have the second most dangerous roads on the planet, but I am of the opinion that it is only the reporting methods that keep it from topping the list. I have been quite lucky in my 20 plus years, 14 some on the roads, and the guts of 200,000 kilometers on Isaan roads I have had only 1 “Thought I might’ve bought the Ranch” moments and a couple relatively minor incidents.
I have no way of knowing the real statistics, but in my experience many drivers, both vehicle and motorbike, have neither insurance or Driving Licenses. I do know that many, unable to pass the driving test, still buy one. (more…)

From Tom’s Desk, Back In Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

panicI’m back and bloviating from Isaan. Namely Sakon Nakhon in Northeast Thailand. A bit about using the new DJI Phantom 3. And a bot about my views and opinions about the state of people, places and things here in the region



From Tom’s Desk, Anart GoPro Clone, Veterans Administration, Governement

I bought the Anart GoPro clone on sale at Amazon as well as a pile of attachments that came with it for well under 3,000 Baht. As you can see in the video  there is a bit of a fisheye effect, but the video is clear and the quality good.
I am not surprised at the complete screwup inflicted on me By the Department of Veterans Affairs, and totally grateful to the Disabled Americans Veterans for rooting out the screwup.

As bad as government is in the US it is nothing as bad as in many other countries to include Thailand


From Tom’s Desk, 17 July 2015

panicIf all goes according to plan I will arrive in the wee hours of the morining of 10 September in Bangkok, Thailand.

Wrapping stuff up, VA, Social Security ad nauseum. As of today about 53 days to go.
Looking forward to seeing Thai friends.


From Tom’s Desk, Takoma Park, MD, 3 JULY 2015

wetAfter a 3 hour delay in Tampa I made it to a clod and wet Washington D.C.and on to Takoma Park, Maryland and the apartment of the good Sean and Liz. I will be posting more about the food I have devoured, the beer drank and the exhibits and memorials I have visited in the near future. And next week hope to catch up with the Bluegrass Guru, old friend Ed Henry.


From Tom’s Desk, 19 June 2015, Update

guinnessIt’s time to try to start to wrap things up in the States and get ready to head back to Isaan. Veterans and Social Security Administrations hops to jump through. Setting up this that and the other things. Booking trains and planes. Sorting out contact ifo here and there.

Definitely hope to be back for the Mukdahan boat races, but hopefully well before. Winter along the Mekhong Rives, the Haads and Kengs…


From Tom’s Desk, An Android Adventure,Twitcasting, Meerkat, Periscope

guinnessTwitcast has been around the longest, for Android and My “Live at 5” used to draw an interesting crowd. Meerkat and periscope are recent additions to Twitter and I have tried both. Meerkat provides no option to save for posting in a blog, or to upload to youtube or elsewhere. Periscope does provide the option to save. My first periscope worked fine. But since then all the “mp4s have been unplayable. I contacted the good folks at periscope on 6 June and am waiting for a reply. If the periscope save works I wouls switsh as it does not have the 30 minute…


From Tom’s Desk, In Buddha’s Company

image┬áThe book itself is 226 pages to the end of the final chapter then notes, and index so on and so forth go on through to page 275. I also learned that there is a Vietnam Veterans Memorial for the Thai soldiers in Bangkok, but that it is in an out-of-the-way place that’s difficult for people to find more about that when I finish reading about it. anyhow I’m just into the first / last than a hundred pages actually and will be reporting more as time goes on but these are a couple of my first impressions.