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Buddhism, Forest University, Patipada, Luangta Mahā Boowa

luangtaThe Forest University Chapter in  Patipada, The  book  is  a  translation  of  the  Dhutanga  Kammaṭṭhāna  practices  of Venerable  Ajaan  Mun Bhūridatta Thera, and it was written by Venerable Ajaan Mahā  Boowa  Ñāṇasampanno  Thera  as  a  companion  volume  to  the  biography of Venerable Ācariya Mun.
It like many others can be found at Forest Dhamma Books, along with a number of addition resources. This is not the entire chapter, but I hope that if interest arises in reading this you read the entire chapter, if not all of Patipada

Places  such  as  forests,  hills,  caves,  overhanging  cliffs,  charnel  grounds, jungle  and  remote  hill  forests  where  the  natural  environment  remains  undisturbed  far  away  from  any  villages,  are  the  places  which  bring  mindfulness, wisdom,  knowledge  and  skill  to  the  Bhikkhu  whose  interest  is  in  Dhamma, with  the  aim  of  attaining  freedom  for  himself…