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Dunedin, Florida, Downtown Market

imageThe¬†Dunedin, Florida, Downtown Market takes place from 0900 to 1400 Fridays and Saturdays. The town’s ¬†downtown area is shady and pleasant, unlike nearby Clearwater’s concrete and empty shops. Parking is free in Dunedin, once again unlike Clearwater, whete one must pay, in a town that should be encouraging visitors. there is a wide variety of products available, and shady places to sit and enjoy the music and a cold drink, or even a meal.


Twitcasting,Dunedin, Main Street, to Drew Street, Clearwater, Florida

casting1Twitcasting in the States is more problematic than in Isaan, Northeast Thailand. There unless I was way off in the jungle I was able to connect to TRUE 3G. Here not only is that percentage of real estate not covered, it is divided up by any number of providers. Luckily main roads seem to be covered, the problem will be in state park areas. Doing straight video to upkoad to youtube is, so far, difficult as finding a holder to hold the phone in landscape more has been a problem….