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Coffee comes to Northeast Thailand, Diabetes Too.

amazonFor years Nescafe with sugar and powdered milk pre-installed was what passed for coffee in Isaan and the rest of Thailand. I spent years eplaining the cafe was the French word for coffee and Nes was the French word for Not Hence Nescafe not coffee. Along came Makro, then Big C  and Tesco Lotus Instant Coffees like Moccono and others appeared, decent Instant Coffees arrived minus the pre-installed sugar and milk powder. Job done at home, but most restauranrs and hotels continued to flof Not Coffee. Amazon Coffee came along,a welcome arrival around the region, Then that Seattle monster Starbucks landed with its barristas and mocha latte pooper grandes and whatever else and too my mind outa sight prices. The like wine, real coffee and coffee shops landed in Thailand Family run business, some store front, in the shop house and some in dedicated premises.,,,