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Clearwater Ferry Taxi Service,Florida

TIMG_20150524_102704his a very convenient servise. Parking costs are expensive, and spaces limited. On  weekends and holidays their can be long delays when crossing the bridge by car.
Their website is clear, concise and provides all the information necessary to make your visit to Clearwater Beach care free visit Clearwater Ferry Taxi Service,


Pho Queen, Vietnamese Restaurant, Clearwater, Florida, Revisit

pqyou can look at my first impression of the Pho Queen, Clearwater , their menu is there as well. Just follow the link.
I ordered the Bun Bo Hue, a bowl I have been revisiting at a number of Vietnemese places down in Pinellas Park, and area where the are bunches of Vietnemese folk to fill those establishments. Plenty of Thais and Laos also prefer the Vietnamese food to the stuff sold in the pseudo Thai places.


From Tom’s Desk, Dog Sitting and Updates from, Clearwater, Florida

eddyThe weather is finally starting to warm up here in Clearwater, where I guess I will be starting my second year in the states. If I wre to hope, I would hope to get this whole thing wrapped up and back to Thailand just after Veterans Day in November, but there is no sense in hoping so it is wait and see.

Daeng got a visa and will be visiting for a few weeks in April/May….


Clearwater, Florida, Public Library System

I finally got around to visiting the Clearwater cplLibrary Main Branch and was pleasantly surprused by the facility.
The United States has an excellant FREE Public Library System and modern technology has helped them reach new aress of service to the public.
An open plan with graet views and even a coffee/sandwich shop make it a comfortable area to do research, read a periodical or access the internet using available computers, at no charge. And, of course free wifi is available for those with their own laptops, tablets or smartphones.


Twitcasting,Dunedin, Main Street, to Drew Street, Clearwater, Florida

casting1Twitcasting in the States is more problematic than in Isaan, Northeast Thailand. There unless I was way off in the jungle I was able to connect to TRUE 3G. Here not only is that percentage of real estate not covered, it is divided up by any number of providers. Luckily main roads seem to be covered, the problem will be in state park areas. Doing straight video to upkoad to youtube is, so far, difficult as finding a holder to hold the phone in landscape more has been a problem….


From Tom’s Desk 19 December 2014

For the first time in many years I am not being inundated by ChristNo-Whining-Sticker-(2146)mas stuff.

Pick your news and pick your side politically , socially or whatever way you like

Talk complain, do whatever but no one really seems interested in solutions.

Stay safe and make it to the New Year


Green Mint Asian Grill, Vietnamese Food

banhmiThe Green Mint Asian Grill was the first vietnamese restaurant I visited when I landed here in Clearwater, Florida. This is a squeaky clean, suburban location that serves suburban Floridians. It is a bit dear to my heart as they offer a fried egg in the Banh Mi.
The Pho broth is rich and there is plenty for the price. The staff is modern, polite and patient, which fits well for the suburban clientele……


Pho Queen, Vietnamese Restaurant, Clearwater, Florida

pho queenPho Queen, Vietnamese Restaurant in  Clearwater, Florida has the same owners, or at least I was given their business card when I visited Pho Quyen, Pinellas Park. Right on Highway 19 at leat it is easy to spot as it sits in its own building and has a fairly decent roadside sign.
While Quyen, located on park Street and in the neighborhood of a bunch of Vietnamese restaurants and makets, the Queen is in the burbs and based on the folk who came in serves a different crowd. They order by the Number not the name of the food…..


From Tom’s Desk, Heart in Isaan, Body in Clearwater, Florida

Well 26 July marked 4 months here in the U.S. waiting on the Veterans Administration to get around to gining me an evaluation appointment. That comes under what is called Claims and Benefits, which at the end of the day doesn’t make a damn bit of difference.
And I have had a vehicle for going on a month now, which has provided a bit of freedom and access that I did not have before.At the end of the day I still define myself as a POVA  Prisoner of the Veterans Administration…