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munJust like Anatta, equanimity is the tough one. I can see anger and inpermanence  but not self is a bugger. Metta, karuna and mudita fine and good but Upekkha thats another tough one. Lets see whar Access to Insight tells us

Equanimity is a perfect, unshakable balance of mind, rooted in insight.

Looking at the world around us, and looking into our own heart, we see clearly how difficult it is to attain and maintain balance of mind.


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Access to Insight is my goto place for clear concise explanations of profound concepts. And the Brahma Vihara are something I devote time to. It seems so many cannot love themselfs, let alone others

Love, without desire to possess, knowing well that in the ultimate sense there is no possession and no possessor: this is the highest love.

Love, without speaking and thinking of “I,” knowing well that this so-called “I” is a mere delusion.


Buddhism, Brahma Vihara, Karuna, Compassion

luangtaCompassion (Karuna)

The world suffers. But most men have their eyes and ears closed. They do not see the unbroken stream of tears flowing through life; they do not hear the cry of distress continually pervading the world. Their own little grief or joy bars their sight, deafens their ears. Bound by selfishness, their hearts turn stiff and narrow. Being stiff and narrow, how should they be able to strive for any higher goal, to realize that only release from selfish craving will effect their own freedom from suffering?