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banhmiJust like Pho, Banh Mi comes in a variety of options.About 15 follow, and there are a few more to be found
Banh Mi Cha Lua:  Pork Roll, Banh Mi Thit Nguôi: Pork Belly, Bánh Mi xíu Mai: Pork Meatball, Bánh Mi Thit Ning; Grilled Pork, Bánh Mi Ga Nung;  Grilled Chicken, Bánh Mi Bo Nuong; Grilled Beef,  Bánh Mi Nem Nuong; Griled Ground Pork, Bánh Mi Xá xiu;  Roast Por, Bánh Mi Gio; Thu Headloaf, Bánh Mi pate bo; Pate-butter, Bánh Mi Bi ; Shredded Pork Skin, Bánh Mi Dac Biet; Variety of Pork, Coldcuts and Omelet, Bánh Mi Xiu Mai (Chen);  Pork Meatball, Bánh Mi Bò Kho; Beef Stewed, Bánh Mi Bo Né,  Grlled Beef, Pork meatball omelet ….


Ben Thanh, Vietnamese Food,Pinellas Park, Florida

ben thanhThis a a Pho House serving traditional Vietnamese food and one of the few locations of any type that gets accurate reviews at Google Maps Reviews. Sunday lunchtime the place was filling up with Vietnamese families, 3 or 4 generations at a table.
Even the cafe sua da came in the traditional setup. Once again there was just one me so the usual first step, as usual was to check out the Pho, and mighty fine it was.
Next time in I plan on trying the Banh Xeo….


Jade Bistro, Asian Cuisine, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Jade Bistro specializes in Vietnamese food, but has Thai, Chinese and more. The carryout menu pictured is an exact copy of the eat in menu.
The first thing that struck me was the fact that the sauces were not in their normal containers. This technique is often used to make you feel a bit upscale, while in fact the products are inferior, which proved to be the case here. The sri Racha sauce was mostly ketchup and the Nouc Mam had an odd taste.
While the Pho was okay it was not as good as Pho Quyen


A Bowl of Pho. A Banh Mi, Just Good Old Vietnamese Food, Pho Quyen,Pinellas Park, Florida

The Vietnamese do it best. For one thing they build restaurants that serve Vietnamese food to the Vietnamese and the locals follow. While a Vietnamese restaurant that serves Vietnemese food is easy to find many places throughout Florida and the larger cities on the East coast. When I want a good bowl of Pho a good bowl of Quaiytiao just wont do, not that I have been able to find a good bowl of Quaiytiao in Florida, though I did in the D.C. area. I have a few more places and many many entrees  to try I will keep sharing…. (more…)

Khao Jii Pate a Lao Sandwich Arrives in Khon Kaen

Laos and Viet Nam among other countries were colonized by the French This historical fact also left these countries with cuisine which most definitely has a French flavor This fact is quite obvious in the bread. Those countries that experienced the French to this day still experience  the bread, the French Baguette. Crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth perfection within the dough firm not stodgy The Thais on the otherhand oined the Japanese in the Second World War and have learned nothing of bread. Khao ii Pate is made with Moo Yor. Whether the Pate is of Lao or Thai origin is lost in time I have seen it called a Northern Thai food, but have seen it most often in Isaan, Northeast Thailand The best example of Moo Yor that I have found of the Pork Pate or sausage is  at  Thai Steamed Pork Sausage ( Mu Yor )


Banh Mi, Isaan,Northeast Thai style vs the real deal,Vietnamese food

While in Mukdahan my quest for Vietnamese food continued. Sure I now have a few places in town where I can get some decent authentic Vietnamese food, but my real search now was for Banh Mi. Actually an Australian I know in Muk mentioned just how popular Banh Mi was in Australia  I have had great Banh Mi in The US,England, and a few other places around the world but never in Thailand. There is a vietnamese retaurant in Mukdahan call Ku Faet, the twins, that does offer some vietnamese food and I dropped in. The best part of the meal was a very nice cole slaw they do with a sauce having the perfect balance of sweet and sour. When I asked the woman where I could get a real Banh Mi in town she said they sold it at Ku Faet.

Sakon Nakhon Food Update 08.07.12

Well here it is Sunday morning and will probably have what is becoming a weekend tradition.

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Sakon Nakhon Food Update 08.07.12