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guinnessTwitcast has been around the longest, for Android and My “Live at 5” used to draw an interesting crowd. Meerkat and periscope are recent additions to Twitter and I have tried both. Meerkat provides no option to save for posting in a blog, or to upload to youtube or elsewhere. Periscope does provide the option to save. My first periscope worked fine. But since then all the “mp4s have been unplayable. I contacted the good folks at periscope on 6 June and am waiting for a reply. If the periscope save works I wouls switsh as it does not have the 30 minute…


Google and The Geezer, An Android Adventure, Getting Gassed (Temporarily in the U.S.)

Now that I have wheels, an 9 year old KIA Spectra, I am able to get out and about. But getting out in about in the States means I have to buy Petrol, commonly called gas here in the States and gas prices vary significantly as you can see if you click on the thumbnail.
While not EVERY petrol/gas station is listed most are and the aplication does seem to show the lowest price available in the area.
As long as people participate, that is update the prices when they stop at the location the prices will be correct.
This app is most helpful when travelling the Interstate highway system as the most visible prices are often the highest. There are plenty more American specifis apps out there are I will be mentioning more soon.

AT 20 cents a gallon swing remember that is a lot of beer.