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Ajahn Chah,Mind Reading Ability and more Dhammapada, Buddhism,Thailand

JayasaroAjahn Jayasaro talks aboutAjahn Chah reading minds and Ajahn Munindo comments on

All states of being are determined by mind.
It is mind that leads the way.
As surely as our shadow never leaves us,
so well-being will follow when we speak or act
with a pure state of mind.
v. 2


Buddhism, Luang Por Liem Ṭhitadhammo, Wat Pa Nanachat, Thailand

liemI was traveling from Surin, passong through Si Sa Khet and Ubon Ratchatani and as usual stopped in to Wat Pa Nanachat to pay my respects. While there I happened on a Bhikkhu I know and we ended up spending a couple hours discussing things Dhammic, He not only offered a couple of reflections, but some books both in Thai and English, as well as some audio disks with desanas by various Ajahn Chah students. I don’t often read “Dhamma” books anymore, but found myself absorbed in “Santi-Peace Beyond Delusion” Teachings on Practicing for Tranquility and Peace by Luang Por Liem Thaiadhammo The two Dhamma-talks in this book were given by Luang Por  Liem  Thitadhammo  at  Wat  Nong  Pah  Pong  in  the years 1988 and 1991. In both of these talks, Luang Por tells of his practice at Wat Nong Pah Pong some twenty years  before,  when  he  first  came  to  the  monastery  into the  care  and  training  of  Luang  Por  Chah.  He  describes his experience in the monastery at that time, both in its communal   aspects,   and   in   terms   of   his   trials   and successes in the personal struggle for  liberation of mind.


Ajahn Mun, Kammathana Dhutanga Buddhism, in Northeast Thailand

In Search of Kammathana Dhutanga Buddhism in Northeast Thailand

Young Tapai, who was to become Mae Chee Kaew commented on the physical differences between Ajahns Sao and Mun. “Ajahn Mun was shorter and more slender than Ajahn Sao” The pictures I’ve seen and my…Continue reading


Buddhism, Forest Path, Ajahn Chah, Thailand

Forest Path is a collection of talks, essays, and accounts from the community at Wat Pah Nanachat. You can download this and all other books as PDF files from Forest Sangha Publications.  I have admired the local community that supports the Sangha at Nanachat since I first arrived there some 20 years ago. No opulence, no fancy buildings, just the Dhamma as taught by Ajahn Chah



Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, Samma Samadhi, Detachment Within Activity

From the book “Food for the Heart”, which can be found online as a PDF.
Samma Samadhi Detachment Within Activity, a talk by Ajahn Chah
Take a look at the example of the Buddha. Both in his own practice and in his methods for teaching the disciples he was exemplary. The Buddha taught the standards of practice as skillful means for getting rid of conceit, he couldn’t do the practice for us. having heard that teaching we must further teach our-selves, practice for ourselves. The results will arise here, not at the teaching.


Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, Impermanance and Dhamma

Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, The Peace Beyond

For today I am including the text of the talk as well as the video. Sometimes I almost prefer to read and rereadthe words of Ajahn Chah and others t’s of great importance that we practise the Dhamma….Continue reading


Ajahn Kinnari, Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Thailand

Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Wat Nong Pa Pong, and Branch Monasteries

During my travels in Northeast Thailand, while searching for Monasteries associated with Ajahn Mun and his stidents I occasionally ran across places that were visited by Ajahn Chah as well as what…Continue reading



Ajahn Tongrat, Ajahn Kinnari and Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Thailand


Ajahn Tongrat, Ajahn Kinnari and Ajahn Chah, Forest Buddhism, Nakhon Phanom, Thailand


Buddhism, Ajahn Chah, Making the Heart Good

ajahn chahThe Collected Teachings of Ajahn Chah was published in 2012. This is the the complete collection of talks by Ajahn Chah that have been translated into English. During the Winter of 2012, Ajahn Amaro has given a daily reading which are recorded as audio files.What is collected here is the ‘rough-hewn’ edit of these readings. These talks are being made available here as a stop-gap, until the final version is ready. A final version of these readings, including the Q&A, is still under preparation and will be published, hopefully, in the near future.

These days people are going all over the place looking for merit.[1] And they always seem to stop over in Wat Ba Pong. If they don’t stop over on the way, they stop over on the return journey. Wat Ba Pong has become a stop over point. Some people are in such a hurry I don’t even get a chance to see or speak to them. Most of them are looking for merit. I don’t see many looking for a way out of wrongdoing. They’re so intent on getting merit they don’t know where they’re going to put it. It’s like trying to dye a dirty, unwashed cloth.