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Buddhism, A Life of Inner Quality, Ajaan Mahã Boowa Ñãõasampanno

luangtaYou can get the entire book online at the Forest Dhamma site. As a matter of fact this is not the entire talk, but I simply want to give you the option to read what is here and download the book if you wish.
The Noble Truths of Family Life, The Noble Truths of the Heart People often say that the way Buddhism teaches constantly about the suffering of living beings is unpleasant to them and makes them so depressed that they get no joy out of listening to the Dhamma. They feel as if the sufferings and discontentment being talked about were joining forces with the sufferings and discontentment already inside them, making them despondent and sad. If that weren’t enough, the basic principles of the Buddha’s teaching – the four Noble Truths (ariya sacca) – start out with suffering as their primary theme, since that’s what the religion teaches about far more than anything else….