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Live from the Mekong River in Northeast Thaland


by way of TRUE 3G and a Samsung Galaxy Camera by way of twitcasting. What I am sure s the first ever live broadcast to an international audience. For sure Ray @ozlao and a viewer from Canada were on line and another 13 people viewed the sixteen plus minute live broadcast from sam phan boke or the 3000 holes area of the Mekong River just south of the Haad Saleung, Saleung beach,  area in Ubon Ratchatani Province Thailand. I soon will post the still photos of the trip most of the geotagged. I will also provide more information about the area


Welcome to Isaan LIve via 3G from Northeast Thailand

ThumbnailWhen the flood hit Northeast Thailand in 2011 a Interenet connections were few and far between. Wifi is still not plentiful in the region and back then a GPRS was often hard to establish. Back in February 2012 AIS was introducing 3G in the Khon Kaen area, The 40 Thai National Games and Songkran in 2012 I was able to broadcast Live via Twitcast. The AIS 3G coverage was soon oversubscribed and difficult to transmit over so I added TRUE to my list and started twitcsting live around the region.

Reporting from Northeast Thailand in the The Twentyfirst Century

I first started documenting life in Isaan some 13 yeears ago with and a twisted pair internet connection to Bangkok that cost me $US1.00 a minute during daytime hours. Today I am connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week for about $US3.00 a day, which includes some form of 3G coverage with either TRUE at 10 gigafarts a month and CAT with 5 a month. I can live broadcast via Twitter and twitcast from about 75% of the landmass in Northeast Thailand and post to Worpress from a Samsung Galaxy Cameraor a Samsung Note ar from the 10 inch screen on my Asus Transformer. I have traveled the region for well more than a dozen years now and do not need much; an aircon room with a hot shower and sit down toilet does me fine. Ilike to be within walking distance of food and beer options, but carry emergency supplies as well.

A new Map Idea from Northeast Thailand and Isaan Maps

For years now Isaan Life has been providing the most up to date maps for many areas in the Northeast Thailand region and now that, with the help of Larry over at Khon Kaen Retirement, I am learning, okay trying to learn a bit more about WordPress and have even been posting from my Android devices.
I don’t want you to feel like a stranger or get lost in Isaan. And remember to click on the title to view the entire post.  I do enjoy posting Isaan Moments and Welcome To using twitcaster and 3G which is now available throughout most of the region, but I want to do even more. So as you can see in the map below pictures of places along my morning walk in Sakon Nakhon are pictured in their geotagged locations. In other words I want to give you a look around the places I visit

Google and the Geezer an Android Adventure in Northeast Thailand Episode 3

using the stylus

stylus and note

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This week we will take a look at what is on my Samsung Note. I am not going to discuss any of the applications, in depth. The idea is to give you an idea of the things I use on a daily basis and some of the items I will be discussing in the near future. For sure, I will soon be discussing the whole world of Picasa and keeping track of and sorting photos.

Speech to text and the various options there is something else I have been testing and will talk about in the near future. Another one I have overlooked is Keyboards and what works.


Going Blankeyed in Northeast Thailand

It’s been a fair while since I have posted here, while I have been devoting most of my time to learning about 3G and live broadcasting for the past few months.
First of all today’s Podcast Episode 49 is a replay of a previous post in Udon. The more I travel through Isaan, more and more, the more I see how well Bangkok is doing at corrupting Isaan. Here I speak of the Religion of Retail. People spend hour after hour wondering aimlessly through both outdoor and indoor shopping centers,malls and arcades. University students now list shopping as a hobby.It’s not that there is much of a selection, the same panties, bras, jeans, shorts, socks, geegaws, calculators, locks in stall after stall. The new malls, the Central Plazas are wher people go to cool down on a hot day , No one with bags in their hands, just glazed over eyes from mindlessly wandering the chilled caverns of the modern malls. Bahn Nok from the villages staring at awe at the lifts (elevators) and escalators. Aircon is the God and Malls are the temples in Northeast Thailand

Isaan Live Podcast Episode 48

Seeing Isaan Live
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