Stonehenge,Mo Hin Khao,มอหินขาว,Kaset Sombun,Chaiyaphum, Thailand

stonehengeI first visited Thailand’s Stonehenge,Mo Hin Khao a bit over thre years ago as you can see in The Blogspot Blog Isaan Life. Actually in spite of the dirt road and difficult access the site was in better form At the time there were markers explaining the shapes. Also the parking lot now adjacent to the stones now takes away from the ambiance of the place. Before it gave the feeling of remoteness, now especially with work going on it almost feels as if the stones have just been noved to the location. As usual in Thailand movement and construction do not indicate progress. The visitor center seems to act more as a bedsit than an information center and the Police station sits empty as well. Looks like some people once again got their pockets lined in Thailand. Whatever the case the site is certainly worth a visit and perhaps by the time you arrive…

the explanations and site will be returned to a more scenic state. If the album does not appear Click Here. I have also copied the signage to this album.

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  1. […] not get a taste of the region at places like that. The net night we roughed it, for 250 Baht, near Mo Hin Khao and Tat Ton National Park with great wifi and a mighty fine Kai Mun for dinner Then off to Chumpae […]

  2. Wow nice place to visit especially in cool season because it reminds you of the UK admostphere.

  3. […] Isaan has Stonehenge Thailand, why not Kunming as well? I must say it is picturesque, with the exception of the 100s of […]

  4. […] first visited Thailand’s Stonehenge, Mo Hin Khao a bit over three years ago as you can see in The Blogspot Blog Isaan Life. Actually in spite of the […]

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