Songkran Khon Kaen 2011

The crazy side of Songkran The best laid plans for Songkran don’t always pan out.  I had planned to stay behind closed doors (other than going to the temple) for the 3 days of Songkran craziness, but family won out and I participated in the insanity. It was a matter of family and face that I attend the party at an Uncle’s house and then go out with everyone and go crazy during Songkran.  If I hadn’t gone, lots of the family would have been pissed off.  Anyhow, I went, and had a good time. We headed out to Uncle’s place at about 1230 and spent the next 2 hours eating and drinking and listening to music.  Then it was time to mount up.  We needed weapons, ammunition, and rations

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Songkran Khon Kaen 2011

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