Somtam, the Book, Thailand, aka Foodgasm Isaan

somtambookSomeone is always posting about somtam here in Thailand. I have been sent to the best place for somtam in more places than I can remember by 90 day wonders and by people who think that the sweet mess they serve in Bangkok is the way to go. Sure what is sold in Bangkok might be somtam, training somtam I guess. Everyone seems to be an expert on somtam and with great disappointment I have tried some of their recommendations.
The other day browsing through a bookstore I spotted Somtam and the 77 Provinces. Okay so Thai Rak Thai v3.1 and the Prime Minister have still not figured out the number of Provinces in Thailand, but the book looked great. Okay reading the entire thing is beyond my skills, but not to worry….

The book has the Province names in both Thai and English. Wait a minute befor I forget the book is presented by AIS and PTT. Now I am sure those of you who travel about, especially in Isaan have used the PTT road atlas and know what a great job they do identifying everything from places of interest to PPT stations. So it is little wonder they know their somtam. They list  a couple informational photos about each place as well as general price, address, and hours of operation, The also show a bit of a map. The ISBN of the book is 978-974-02-1071-9. They only list restaurants not street stalls, for those of you who absolutely must have a carbon monoxide with your food. Having eaten in a number of places they list I will be using the book to enjoy a few more. Below, as you can see, they list a weekend end hangout in Sakhon Nakhonsomtam-me

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  1. As far as the number of provinces in Thailand is concerned I would like to vote for 76. Bung Khan as the latest province.
    People who vote for 77 reason that Bangkok Metropolitan Administration ( BMA or KOR TOR MOR ) is also a province because it has a governor as it’s top executive.
    They do not take into consideration the decentralization and centralization principles of government in Thailand.
    Theoretically speaking, Bangkok governor is under decentralization as, fore one, he is elected; but other 76 provincial governors are under centralization principle and they are appointed from high ranking officials in the Interior and in making an appointment the Minister of Interior has to seek approval of The Cabinet.

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