Sakon Nakhon,Silk,Thailand, and more

Puparn (Phu Phan) Royal Development Study Centre, Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

Just who the hell does the Tourism Authority of Thailand work for anyhow. Not The Kningdom of Thailand, The Monarchy or the citizens. The Tourism Authority of Thailand ignores…Continue reading

More sexy Isaan women dancing for you live from Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

The gloves almost gave this group the Michael Jackson connection and the pink headbands just made it all even more sexy. This competition was held among 6 moo (neighborhoods here near Phra That…Continue reading

From Cocoon to Thread, More Silk in Nong Kae,Sakon Nakhon,Thailand

With Ed and Jane visiting we decided to Nong Kae and drop off the copy of the video they had asked to to make for them. We were there just a week ago and this visit dovetailed perfectly onto the…Continue reading

Buddhist Ordination is Serious Business except in Thailand

Buddhist Ordination click on title for full story Over the last 25 years I have attended many ordinations in Thailand and…Continue reading

Silk a Local Art Form in Northeast Thailand,Isaan

I have been visiting, mapping and documenting the Arts and Crafts of Isaan, the Northeast of Thailand for some fifteen years now and one of the most diverse is silk. From the simple to…Continue reading

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